Friday, March 26, 2010

By Any Luck...

By any luck,
I think I'm coughing my lungs out!
I sit coughing, stand coughing, walk coughing, eat coughing-
And i even sleep coughing!

Shoo-ing my students away to keep a distance from me,
they thought it was funny.
Wait till they fall sick-like me.

By any luck,
Job opportunities doors are opened for me;
from tuition assignments to production positions.
But there's only ONE Mint.

As much as I would love to take them all,
I have to balance out my schedule with the new Primary School reunion event coming up.
Production and Education are both my passions.
Yet a lot of times,
you can't have the best of both worlds.

Something NOT by luck,
I just bought new whiteboard markers!
I simply adore writing on the whiteboards,
i really do.

By any luck, or un-luck,
there's someone at the tuition centre who keeps picking on me.
It's not that she really wants to,
but somehow I always did something which she didn't like,
or some admin work that is being done at the wrong time.

Like in this recent case,
i usually write receipts before a new month begins so i can save time.
When the parents pay their tuition fees,
I just have to stamp in the dates and the receipt could be issued on the spot
with consecutive receipt numbers for our monthly report consolidation.

It just so happens she needs to collect ALL the receipt books back to issue new ones.
When she realise that I've written out the receipts for April 2010,
She went around asking all the other tutors who the handwriting belongs to;
it's obvious those are mine(my signature)-
her way of spreading out my mistake.
She should have just called up my subordinate to ask her about this matter.

Who the hell knows she's collecting them back abruptly?!
Our usual procedure is,
you only replace the receipt books when they're used up.

So if you are someone superstitious,
then u'll understand one thing-
our eight characters really clash with one another!

If she continues to do things like that and tarnish my good reputation in the centre,
i'm not going to do anything about it.
For I believe God will.


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