Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bubble Fever

When Bubble meets children,
it means cuteness overdose!

He is awesome with children.
He doesn't bark, jumps, runs around but just sit there tamely and waits for children to come stroke him.

Look at how cuddly he is in my arms.
Do you want to hug him too?!

I've aready standby his new year clothes. Have you gotten yours for your doggie? It's on sale now!
He will give me his trademark oogly-bear look whenever he's waiting for his meals.
Bubble can sleep in any position, direction, anywhere.
He is actually really 'pong'. look at his actual size when he showers!
He loves his walks, all the time.
But he has to stay in his cage now due to Revolution. It is a flea + ticks + ear mites + roundworms + heartworms prevention medication he has to appply monthly; Strongly recommended by petshop owners and friends who owns dogs.

Sorry you have to be locked up for 3days Bubble.
Mummy Loves you all the same!


  1. Bubble definitely need a haircut, the body looks so messy!

  2. Lolx, see u on Saturday for his cut cut!