Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Flutter meets CCb

It was an awesome night over at Flutter Music, My 2nd home.
One day I will steal Nave's awesome speakers back.

There's so much passion and happiness in the house!
Yongwei and I were all about smiles and laughter!
However, Nave was all about dozing off.

Very soon, you'll know what "谁要管你" stands for!
*CCb's top secret for now*

Nevertheless, I need to brush up my emotional management when singing.All along I didn't make any effort in trying to build up feelings in them- which I didn't know of. From now on I will.

Welcome to Flutter, Yong Wei!


I've got Teachers' Day Presents too!
More sweetness overdose.

Thank you, Wilson Chua.
What a pleasant child he is.

Jackie Goh, I miss you more than I think I would.
I felt like I've lost something yet I can't explain what is it.
Here's the photo you took the other day at All About Eve with your friends who came to say goodbye!

This is to Ben:
Thank you for being such a sweetie,
sending both Jackie, Bubble and I to the airport and back.

This is very random but, you're so freaking tall!

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