Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vet Visit.

Jianing, the girl-next-door pet groomer...NOT.
She's just my cousin here to visit Bubble.

Nevertheless, I think she has this Taiwanese-Idol-Drama-Female-Lead quality:
Flawless and fair skin complexion, Silky long black hair,
and a soft-spoken feminine personality in the picture above.

Look at both of them smiling- contented with each other's company at the end of the day!

Bubble made his first visit to the vet- for scratching non-stop.
The initial plan was to meet up with Weida and Chrissy for a few rounds of Left 4 Dead. I felt really guilty that they had to accompany me instead.

We waited there since 1.30pm.
It was 5.10pm when it's finally Bubble's turn to see Dr Grace Heng.
Dr Heng suggested that Bubble has got Contact Allergy-allergy to places or products.

When I asked her how to test it and she smile awkwardly,"I'm sorry but you have to trial and error one by one."

I could just cry.

Kexin groomed Bubble and now his fur is short and neat;
the way I want it to be:

Ke xin even surprised me by sending him back with a big bow tie like a gift!
Bubble jumped out from his carrier bag as if he knew he was the gift and started licking me!

The curry together with Roti Prata sold at his Cafe is really delicious!
Weida brought Chrissy and I there for the very first time.
It's right inside the Jurong Library next to Jurong Point.

2 plain pratas for $1.80.
Worth a try!

My room is now found with dog ticks.
I can't sleep and thinking whether to call in the pest control or not.
The thought of needing to impose on Jackie's family depressed me so much;
Bubble is officially a trouble-maker.


I want to go home.


  1. You asked for Dr Heng ar? Maybe that was why it took so long. I usually just see any vets available cos too many people wants her. She is the main vet, I think. At least, now Bubble has ceased his scratchings, good news. ;)

  2. HELLO HUisi! THanks for dropping by! :)