Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Shuffle...

I told myself I'm not going to blog today because of my splitting headache.
Then I realize Blogging is already part of my life and I will feel lost without penning my day down.

Was at Lido on Wednesday with Hpility, Joanna, William and Mum.
Wanted to take a photo with William but can't find him anywhere.
Thank you OMY for choosing me to attend The Legend Of Fist-Chen Zhen Movie Gala Premiere!

I love my new dress bought from Lydia's!

Mom was super steady to watch it with me!

3 Reasons why you should watch The Legend Of Fist- Chen Zhen.

1. Donnie Yen will take off his top towards the end of the movie. *SCREAM*

2. His fighting scenes reminds you of a combination of Ong Bak and Ip Man.

3. The really posh settings and costumes of Shanghai and Shanghainese respectively!!!

I was on this week's U-weekly issue, thanks specially to OMY once again!

Only knew it after Jackie's younger brother flashed the page at me. :)


Ice-cream never fails me.

It's finger-licking good!


You are all my love now.

I am contented just to have you, and only you.

Thank you for being by my side during the loneliest nights, the most suffering days, for fighting my nightmares away, for brightening up my day, for making me smile, for licking my tears away...

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