Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back To School, Primary School

Went back to my primary school-again-for the mega reunion meeting.
The programme, the performers and the committee members confirmed!
I can't wait to see the poster and banners!
Weiqin, faster design them!
These banners will be hung around Bt Panjang.

Some of us represented 98C and went back for a meeting with the school.
Take a look at how dedicated we are(on the right)!
The two on the left, are our teachers-in-charge, Mrs Ravi and Mrs Yap.

FYI: Mrs Ravi is Miss Pillai. She is the HOD of the English Department now.

We took the tour around the school, led by Mrs Ravi and Mrs Yap.
We stood there for a good 10min trying to identify any teachers on the teacher's bulletin we ight still remember.

The eco-garden is more or less the same, except there's a pond now. If I remember, they were still digging for the pond when I left BPPS.
Left to right: Yazid, Sumo, Zaki, Kexin, Cherylene, Alisa and Me(Germaine)
That's the Hall with its brand new look. During our times, the floor wasn't olive green like this. It was made of wood instead. We had alot of sing-a-long sessions back then sitting on that floor.

Even after the school tour, we chose to sit down and discuss the programmes. I am really grateful to have such a committed committee, serious.
Top left to right: Yazid, Zaki, Alisa.

Top left to right: Me, Cherylene, Kexin.
That's us at the new building. You want to know how the new building looks like from the inside?

We're just plain overwhelmed by those nostalgic childhood moments walking down the school corridors again. I feel like a primary 6 all over again-excited and flooded with sweet childhood memories!

Come for the ONE-NINE-NINE-EIGHT MEGA REUNION if you were a BPPS 1998 Student!
Take a look at how the school and your school mates have changed 12 years later.
We're already all excited planning this reunion for you. You really have to walk into the school to feel it yourself!

Hmmm... i wonder if I can bring Bubble. =p

Click on the youtube video to watch our discussion about the event outside the school hall:

(video courtesy of Cherylene See.)

When is this event?
13th November 2010, 3.30pm onwards.

What is it?
The 1998 Mega reunion, inviting all BPPS'98 students back to school to meet each other after 12 long years.

Look forward to:
BPPS Idol, Recess(buffet prepared by BPPS canteen), Live concert by reowned performers which include Agnes Low from Campus Superstar Season 2, ex-BPPSian Abul Hasbullah Johari, the KMC from Bt Panjang and a 11-booths Carnival!

Our Emcees are 2 famous bloggers: Yongwei and William Tan.

We treat you really well after 12years, don't we?

Tickets sales will be launched on the 13th September 2010.
Check out our FACEBOOK GROUPfor more details!

See you there!


  1. How come Bubble look so messy again? LOL!

  2. i sprayed him with the ticks and mites spray and left him to dry. Then he became like that. lolx