Sunday, September 12, 2010

Housewife VS The Pest.

I've been staying at home lately;
which means I've pretty much nothing to blog about.

Jackie's mother is so thoughtful, she'll buy breakfast, cooks dinner and iron my clothes for me throughout my stay at Jackie's place. I will stay at home for my meals. recently, I even starts to update her wherever I go so that she doesn't worry (it's been awhile i've done that with my own family). Amidst all, she offers to help feed Bubble when I'm not around.

It's a Sunday and I'm officially a housewife(though not as dedicated as his mum)!
Sunday is always a housechore day for me:

Cleaning up my hammies' cage, they love it.

Shopping for groceries:
I even needed a checklist

I was running around the west area for today: first to Westmall, then Lot1, finally Bt Panjang where my last stop was. All this while i was carrying Bubble and his barang-barangs which weighs up to about... 4kg? Jackie's parents were going to attend a wedding dinner and no one is around to feed him dinner, so he had to tag along.

The Petlovercentre didn't have enough Ticks Fogger Stock, so I had to run between 2 malls to get all 6 bottles. By the end of the day, I was carrying almost 7-8kg of barangs!

I had no choice but to take a cab-everywhere;
cost me a bomb which wasn't worth A-T A-L-L.

I guess I felt better about the cab-spending the moment I received this from Manfred-My belated Teachers' Day present:

I am going to wear the Hello Kitty ring when I attend the Blogger Bubble Tea Session this Wednesday, Yeah!

This is how much Bubble is loved:

Manfred playing with him.

My grandma teaching Manfred how to carry Bubble.

Manfred took this shot(below) which I think is really cool if it's a clear one, at the age of 5.

====I am ready for the Ticks War! ====
*Evil Grins*

This is a Tick Fogger.

When you suspect that your house is infested with ticks, buy these bottles- 1 for each room depending on the size, and 2 in the living room, kitchen etc.

Open the can and leave it for 2-3hrs for fumigation.
Bear in mind to close all windows and doors.
spread thick stacks of newspapers around the surrounding of the can as it leads to a very oily surface after that.

(except for the TICKS of course)
Get your family and pets to stay out during the process.

Dear Ticks,

You've done your part,
Now it's my turn.

Best Regards,

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