Saturday, September 18, 2010

What happens when Bubble's not around.

Bubble's away from home for the past one week.
Life just isn't the same without him.
There's no one to greet me at the doorstep, just an empty cage.

For several nights, I've been crying in bed, missing him.
So this is what happened when you give all your love to your dog.

Ticks are no joke!

Especially in this tropical climate, the ticks are all over, waiting to pounce on your pets anytime, anywhere. Especially in the grass, along the roadside, and even from other dogs/cats.

Prevention is better than cure.
I already spend more than $300 trying to cure this issue and still worrying they might come back.

I finally bought an organiser!
Penning is never the same with an electronic organiser.
Or is it just because I am a girl?

Look at how thoughtful my dearest Meibao is!
She bought me this Stitch Passport holder and brewed herbal drink for me!
this woman, never fails to brighten up my day.

This is a MUST BLOG!
I had told Boris that I will definitely have this screen-printed.
The least expected just happened when Creative Director from J-team, Boris Boo, 'like-d' my Offical Fan Page!


I will tell you more about Boris Boo when his upcoming movie is being screened.

Once again readers,
I'd like to stress that Ticks are no joke.
If you have a pet, get anti-ticks prevention products to protect them.
FYI, ticks had killed at least three in China recently, and leaving more than 245 people ill.

If your dog is scratching, just make sure it's not ticks are living on them.
Search under its armpits, in between their paws, behind the ears, around the neck and at the base of its tail. These are more ticks-proned areas. These pests can be ANYWHERE on your pet.

I hadn't been skiving at home you know.
I had to plan and work so many things!
One of it is the upcoming Primary School Mega Gathering!

(video courtesy of Cherylene See.)


  1. WAHLAU. The ticks you had on the pics are freaking big! No wonder you were freaked out completely. Keep spraying whatever you have! Can try 'Accurate' in future for preventive measure - it smells less bad than Frontline and can spray environment, smell like dettol.

  2. Get those tick shampoo from pet shop. Keep combing the fur and look for the ticks. It's going to be a long battle. I used to have a dog and I remember fighting for weeks to get rid of them.

  3. Jewl: Imagine there's at least 8-10 of them on him every single day! I was crying thinking how painful it must have been for him. I'm really glad you'd let him accomodate at your place for the week! Ya, after frontline i'll buy Accurate. *macham like doing reviews on anti ticks apray*

    DK: Thanks for sharing about ticks DK! Ya, it was an agonising 3weeks for me, and my puppy. He had to be locked up, brushed, sprayed, checked etc. These ticks were taken at the beginning when I first spotted them last month. I had a house cleanup, then i bought foggers and fogged the entire house, follow by spraying the house. I can totally understand how u feel DK. :'(

  4. Yea, damn grossed. I hate ticks. I did a de-ticking for a customer's dog before, over 40. I found like 20 then lost count and my colleague found another 20 before she lost count also. The poor 4 month old puppy had like red bloody spots all over the body due to the bites, so poor thing and when we recommended the owner to get the medicated shampoo, he refused. Cheap stake, not as if the $20+ gonna be a 1-time thing, the shampoo can be used many times.

  5. Hi,
    May I know where you buy your organizer from? :)

  6. Hi Grace, sorry for the late reply I just saw your comment.

    I bought my organiser at Bugis Junction, level 3. There's this stall next to the precious moments shop that sells all kind of stationeries.

    They have many other pooh designs and other cartoon character design as well. :)

  7. Hello, thanks for the reply! Much appreciated! Have a good day ahead~ :)