Friday, September 17, 2010

PositiviTEA- F&N Seasons Green Tea

When talking about being One Step Closer to Well-Being, I'm not just talking about having lots of money. I concluded years ago that life in Singapore is fast-paced and hactic. Which is why we need to take a step back and relax- physically and mentally.

On Wednesday afternoon, I was invited to attend the press release of the New F&N Seasons Green tea at the Villa Halia Restaurant.

Located in the Heart of the Singapore Botanical Gardens, the serenity and fresh air have successfully managed to recharge me.

The event was decorated in beautiful butterflies to add touches of colours to this wonderful greenery.

Walk through the gallery room, and be greeted by a cooling gust of AIRCON! (Come on, it was 12pm!)

Very soon, I found captivated by the simplicity and refreshing concept of this event, which was followed by an instant refresh of my body, mind and senses.

And you know what? The 2 latest addition to the F&N Seasons Green Tea Range made me felt exactly this way when I drank it!

The Ice Lemon Green Tea

Simple to put across, in the past whichever Ice Lemon Series I drank from, they all tasted like the original ice lemon tea. So now when I say Ice Lemon Green Tea here, i really mean Ice lemon GREEN tea.

Well balanced, the zesty taste of lemon tea fills in as you take your sip,leaving behind an aromatic fragrance finish of green tea.

This drink is my new addiction!

Jasmine Green Tea

The jasmine green tea has qualified as a healthier choice berverage under the Health Promotion Board's healthier choice programme. This drink voices down to its simplest and most original taste of Jasmine Green Tea, certain to capture the hearts of green tea lovers.

Both drinks are now available in all major supermarkets and convenience stores.

Not only do we get to try the new products, the organiser has prepared a healthy lunch for the guests.


Look at the sumptous lunch!

The shrimp that tasted like satay and the slices of mangoes were so sweet!

They made this dessert out of the Jasmine Green Tea!

A special speaker, Wendy Chua K. Wand, the founder and Manager Director of WAND inspiration, was invited to share her insights of how one can be well in terms of your body, senses and mind. She gave us tips on how to be WELL even in UNWELL situations.

She is such a positive person, I love her!!!
(unlike someone else)

Talking about events, you'll definitely be sure to meet more friends!
Here are some aspiring people whom I've met at Hilla Restaurant:

Fion from F&N Interflavine Pte. Ltd(left) and Cheryl(right).

Mr Wong Mun Wai, a senior journalist from NTUC lifestyle

Alvin from OMY(left) and Shou Chen(right)

The PositiviTEA goodie bag

You know what I did with the drinks in the Goodie bag?!
I did the first positive thing by SHARING Them all!

Would you like to know the response of these people who have drank the products?
They all became positively happy like me!

First I gave it to the taxi driver who drove me to tuition.
Then I gave it to Meibao and my student(shall not post his photo up as he is a minor).
William was the 3rd to receive the free sample drink.
Hpility was the next to try. Yongwei got the last bottle!
In the goodie bag, there was a positiviTEA plant. I've decided to grow it! This is a more meaningful gift rather than lanyards. LOLX.

If you have forgotten where I went for the F&N seasons Green Tea Press Release, I was at the Halia Restaurant at Singapore Botanical Gardens.

Join the F&N Seasons Facebook Fan Page now! I just did!

Participate in their unique 'PositiviTEA plantation' and stand a chance to win 1 pair of Golden Village Gold Class Tickets! Also, fans with fully grown F&N Seasons PositiviTEA plant will be selected via lucky draw to win a Samsung Netbook!

Look out for F&N ambassadors as they distribute free servings of these 2 products at F&N Seasons roadshows around in Singapore!

This is the F&N Seasons advertisement outside the Heeren Bus stop!
Isn't this awesome?

Don't miss them now!

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