Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sambal Dishes in the West!

If you think those Sambal BBQ Dishes can only be found at Newton Circus, think again. Together with Hpility, Joanna and Yongwei, we found this BBQ stall in Jurong West which is worth a journey to the west of Singapore:

Look at how fresh and thick the stingrays at the stall are!
We look around our tables and realize almost every table had ordered dishes from this stall. Introduce to you other dishes available at the stall first:

Sambal Prawns

I know most of us do not like to peel the shells when eating prawns.


The shells are already peeled for you.
On top of that, the head and tail of the prawn is only slightly attached to its body. All you have to do is to just give it a gentle nudge and you will be able to enjoy the prawn meat.

Comes in only 1 standard size: $13

Sambal Sotong

This is definitely a must-eat for all Sotong Lovers!

Garnished with fresh spring onions and crispy fried shallots,
the sotongs are well-cleaned and just-the-right bite size.

Coated with a layer of the stall's homemade sambal,
the Q-ness of the sotong helps to burst the sweetness of the sambal in your mouth,
leaving the spicy fragrance even after you swallow.

Comes in 3 sizes: $6, $8 and $10

We had the $8 plate.

Sambal Kangkong

Also known as 马来风光.

There's also cuttlefish well-mixed into this dish!
The oil when cooking this dish gets soaked into the kangkong?!
Not at this stall.

Joanna and I were saying about how crispy and non-oily the kangkong taste and we finished the whole plate with Yongwei still trying to snap up the last 1 or 2 leaves left in the sauce.

He said,"I realize I took only 1 bite, no more already?! Order some more lei!"

The main character: Sambal Stingray

The meat is at least 2-cm thick.
Nevertheless, it did not lose the juicy and tenderness from within.
(Looks at the photo below and you'll know)

Generously spread, the homemade sambal sauce is one of a kind;
We thought the sambal tasted like a little like satay sauce, only slightly spicier.

Comes in 2 sizes: $8 and $10

A $10 BBQ Sambal Stingray which can eat up to 4pax is

The above is OWNAGE!!!

Sour and sweet and you can make it really spicy with the chilli padi on top.
(Take away the chilli padi if you just want it sweet and sour)

I took 2 saucers alone!!!

See how Yongwei tried to hold the most precious stingray meat very steadily so that he can savour every last bit of it, mimmicking those taiwanese celebrities in taiwanese food variety show.

And here's Hpility and Joanna posing for my camera eating stingray!

There are other choices of fish you can purchase at the BBQ stall. Price varies according to the fish market so do check with the stall owner first.

The BBQ Stall is here:

Blk 496 Jurong West Street 41 #01-84,

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 3pm-8.45pm
Every Alternate Tuesday: OFF DAY

The stall owner said that usually his fish will be totally sold out by 8pm, so do go early to avoid disappointment, especially weekends!

Do not go to the wrong coffeeshop because there is one more coffeeshop next to this one.
The exterior looks like this:

I've even ringed the stall in red for you. So please do not go to the wrong one okay.
Now i need to find something to eat.

All these pictures are making me hungry again!

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