Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've been spamming on facebook pleading people to vote for CCBmedia video.
We really hope to win that $8000 to fund our production.
Imagine we could spend on props, a better camera, tripod, some lights and best of all, rent some cool places to film our new production videos! But in order to win that, we need to hit more than 600 votes!

*Heave Of Sigh*

We have decided to do meaningful comedies and to help our local bands film MTVs. These work will be posted on our website,

I have been taking lots of naps.
Bubble is learning to sleep next to me quietly in bed.
He is such a darling.
Everywhere he goes,
people wants to carry him.
Except for having to clean up his poo poo,
i love every single thing about him.

I want a makeover.
I realize 3things all celebrities have:
Healthy and smooth hair,
a set of white and straight teeth and
really healthy complexion.

I'll work on it.

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