Thursday, December 1, 2011

[Guinness LIVE] Regine Han & Alfred Sim at Shanghai Dolly

Guinness LIVE at Shanghai Dolly will be happening EVERY Tuesday until February 2012.
Every week, 2 contestants from 2 different Guinness Live groups will be there for a PK match.

On Tuesday, it was Regine Han and Alfred Sim's turn to battle it out!


Regine was extremely outstanding with her bling blings & outfit, plus points! One look on the streets and you'll have no doubt that she's a professional vocalist. I personally thought she resembled our popular taiwanese singer, 黄小虎 (Tiger Huang Xiao Hu or "Yellow Little Tiger" for its direct translation!)

Alfred's singing techniques blew me away. From the last time I heard him sing (and it's just earlier this month), he has improved so much on controlling his emotions. A powerful vocalist, Alfred sounds so much like 萧敬腾 (Hsiao Jing Teng or Jam Hsiao) when he hits the high notes!


Regine is an expert when it comes to warming up the crowd. "Come on, let's clap together!", "Wave your hands in the air!"


She is so influential that this audience from the floor even started waving his lighter (make it two lighters) in the air!


Both Regine & Alfred shine like superstars and I suddenly understood why I wasn't chosen when I went for the audition. When you're on stage, it's NOTHING about being doubtful about your vocals, neither is it about worrying whether the judges or other people will accept you.

Simply let your passion take you high as it flows into every blood vessel, sinks into every part of your skin, then release from your every pore. You don't have to be the best singers in the world, but by being yourself, being carefree on the stage and carrying this love of sharing your passion, you will shine.

Regine & Alfred did.
And that's exactly what I'll do from now on!


This time round, Regine sang 浪子心声, 爱你一万年 and 如果没有你 while Alfred sang 我真的受伤了,有多少爱可以重来 and 热情的沙漠. I'm not able to pick out the best song each sang because they were equally awesome!

The voting begins.
Maximum 75points: From audience votes by cheering as loud as you can.
5 points each: From 3 different VIP tables to either contestants
5 votes each:  From 2 judges who are professional singers in the respective turfs.

Audience & supporters from the floor used all kinds of noise-making props to maximise their cheering: from their screams to applause, whistles to even horns to support their favourite vocalist! Bring your ear plugs if you don't wish to experience temporary deafness.


The 2 singer-judges that day:

Photo of the day:
Sincere smiles, thankful for what they have been through. :)

A group photo with the two superstars to sign off this post! 

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