Wednesday, December 14, 2016

N.E.mation!11 Top 10 Finalists - Team #NE11C10, Passionfruit

If you missed out my previous posts, I'm here to tell you (again) that this year, I'm honoured to be able to interact with 5 of out 10 finalist teams of N.E.mation! 11 instead of the usual 2 teams.

The theme for this year is Together We Keep Singapore Strong. And item 4 - The Umbrella, represents the initial idea and story that team Passionfruit came up with. The umbrella was the perfect analogy of a shield to protect our people from external danger and harm.
And that is what the 2D animation piece of the girls from team Passionfruit is about! Meet Yolanda, Maybelle, Mabel and Pamela from Evergreen Secondary School. They met each other through serving as prefects in their school. 

Their 2D animation revolves around how the Singaporeans selflessly step forward to shield and defend those around them, including some of Singapore's recent iconic scenes.

Like many of the students from the other teams, these girls had zero design and animation experience coming into the competition, except for their art lessons in school. They admitted that at first they felt stressed and worried about having to create their own animation from scratch, but after persevering and through, they actually started to enjoy the process of creating their own animation!

I can't wait for their finished animation to be screened, as I have a feeling that it will definitely touch many of our Singaporean hearts!

To find out more about Team Passionfruit, follow their instagram account:

Alternatively, you may catch their blog, together with the postings of all other Top 9 teams on

Official hashtag: #NE11C10.
(We'll be using this code to vote for this team!)

Team 10 Passionfruit,
go go go!

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