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SpringWave Music Festival 2013 (春浪) Singapore Media Conference with 张震岳 and 王若林!

Currently on speakers: Zhang Zhen Yue Songs On Youtube 
(Click on the next Zhang Zhen Yue's song after listening to this one & next & next & next...)

People, let's 春浪.....!!! (pronounced as 'Chun Lang')

Created by Friendly Dog Entertainment to celebrate peace, love and music during spring time in Taiwan, the Spring Wave Music Festival is held annually in Kenting, Taiwan. This Music festival is one of the biggest Mandopop events globally and is widely known to feature performances by some of the biggest names in the Mandopop industry including May Day (Wu Yue Tian), Eason Chan, JJ Lin and more!

Ohhhh Kenting Kenting.
I want to go Kenting!

Kenting National Park is Taiwan's oldest and southernmost national park well known for its tropical climate and sunshine, scenic mountain and beach. When I visited Taiwan, their locals have strongly recommended me to visit Kenting because it's one of their favourite resort places!

Image of Kenting taken from Internet.

Mandopop lovers, I'm sure you're going to scream once you know who's performing for Chun Lang 2013.

Let me cover my ears first:

Tiger Beer Presents Spring Wave 2013 - Poster

Finish screaming yet?
Jam Hsiao, Wu Bai, Chen Qi Zhen, Joanna Wang, Olivia Ong, Zhang Zhen Yue!!!!
Ok I'd give you 1 more minute to scream.

*1 minute later*

Actually I was giving myself that 1 minute to scream together with you there.

Currently running into its 7th year, Spring Wave Music Festival will be hosted out of Taiwan for the first time and yes, it'll be in Singapore!

Tiger Beer is thrilled to be the presenter of the Spring Wave Music Festival in Singapore and they are whipping up something extremely exciting. I'll get to that part later.

At Chun Lang 2013, you'll be partying LATE INTO THE NIGHT with leading DJs and enjoy LIVE music performances by the Mandopop Superstars!!! The festival will kick-off with the Mandopop segment from 3PM to 10PM.  After that the venue will be transformed into a massive outdoor party venue for an Electronic Dance Music Segment known as Spring Wave Dance from 11AM to 4AM.

Widely travellers and legendary German DJs ATB and Markus Schuluz as well as trance musician Jochen Miller from Holland will be there at Chun Lang 2013 too!

Chun Lang 2013 will be held at:

The Meadow @ Gardens By The Bay
3PM to 10PM: LIVE Mandopop Performances
11PM to 4AM: Spring Wave Dance

Ticket Sales
Free-standing tickets to Chun Lang 2013: S$158 & S$98
Spring Wave Dance: S$88

Available at all SISTIC outlets and its website www.sistic.com.sg
Tickets sold separately

I can feel the adrenaline rush right now~

Hello Zhang Zhen Yue & Joanna Wang at the Media Conference!




I was out of breath when I was up-close with one of my favourite Mandopop singers of all times, Zhang Zhen Yue, who is in the Mandopop industry for almost 20 years now. I grew up listening to his song compositions.

His song 'Ai Wo Bie Zou' which means 'Don't go if you love me'.
I sing this song every other week at my singing gig:

I can listen to this song a zillion times and yet still feel the attaction to the song like I've only listened to it for the very first time and fall in love.

Zhang Zheng Yue
Photos from Hpility Camera

I love what he said at the Media Conference yesterday. As a passionate song writer, he thrives & insist that he puts his truest, most genuine feelings into his composition rather than considering and catering to what the market wants him to do. He feels that when someone writes a song using his most honest & sincere feelings at that point of time, he believes his audience will be able to feel the same and will be able to relate to the song.

Awww... I'll always bear this in mind.
To write my truest and most sincere feelings. :)

Take a sneak peek into Chun Lang 2011 in Kenting featuring Zhang Zhen Yue:

My long papa LOVES the voice of Joanna Wang Ruo Lin so much that he bought her CD and play it at his bar! Joanna has got beautiful jazzy vocals which immediately caught my attention the first time I heard the songs she sang playing.

Joanna Wang Ruo Ling
Photos from Hpility Camera

Joanna shares with us at the Media conference she'll be performing other songs apart from the songs in her album. Whee~

Try mimmick her singing at Karaoke; not easy really.

Here's a toast to Tiger beer!


And here's a Hello from Hpility and I at the Spring Wave Music Festival Singapore 2013 Media Conference!


Opportunity for 10 fans to meet an artist

10 Lucky tiger beer fans will stand a chance to win backstage passes for an intimate and exclusive meet & greet session with an artist from the Spring Wave Singapore line-up. Fans keen on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity can simply log on to Tiger Beer's Facebook Page here to participate in the brand's Spring Wave Singapore 2013 contest.

Thank you for reading!
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