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[Blog Giveaway] Sir Waackalot, Winner Of 5th Gatsby Dance Competition(SINGAPORE) 2013


I was at the Singapore Finals of the prestigious 5th GATSBY Dance Competition on 2 February 2013, held at Far East Plaza. Screams & music were heard as I stepped into the building, feeling the adrenaline rush and getting the goosebumps.

Ok so where is the dance floor, I wanna see too!!!
Before that, let me scream first. (cannot control anymore)

*ARGHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...cough cough cough*
Okie I think that's enough.

Sad to say, I didn't manage to catch almost 3-quarter of the dance battles between the final 8 dance groups - ASH, Freekzy Nuts, 88's, The Basic Fives, We Will Be Back, LE' Femmes, Team  #YOMO and Sir Waackalot as I was having a performance meeting.

Knowing that Colin aka MinutemanSG has always been interested in dancing, I told him to be there at the event first and I'll join him later. He wrote a comprehensive blog post to bring you through the whole event again (In fact I think it's even more detailed than any other on-site information you'll find).

READ MinutemanSG's post on the 5th Gatsby Dance Competition 2013

ARGH, I can't squeeze through the onlooking crowd!
Alamak please let me through, I need to get to the media seats.

Then I caught sight of a familiar backview....
Immediately recognizing who he is, I shouted, "EH, WHY YOU BLOCK ME?!"

As usual, the soft-spoken Darren immediately turned around, almost ready to apologise when he realised it's me. We both cracked up.



With his help, we managed to squeeze through the crowd to the media seats where Colin was already indulging in the dance performances (too busy to even realise I was there). I was in time to catch the last 3 performances.


You know why I love watching dance performances?
I can scream at the top of my lungs yet no one will think I'm mad.
I guess the good people sitting next to me got so annoyed that they handed me a clapper instead.



Nevertheless, I continued screaming, ESPECIALLY for the last finalist, Sir Waackalot.
His dance performance was absolutely entertaining!

When Fishboy was inviting on stage to give out the awards, I wondered why the whole world started screaming & clapping louder than they did for Sir Waackalot. The deafening cheers, for goodness sake, went on for a good 2 minutes until Daen told me that Fishboy is a popular celebrity dancer and
choreographer from Japan.



Most importantly, I think everyone at the scene would agree with me on this - HE IS SOOOOOooo  Kawaii + Kakoi. He was one of the judges for this contest and according to them, he did a showcase earlier which made everyone fall in love with him. (of course I missed it.)

I googled and found dance videos of Fishboy.
From watching the videos, I know that he's giving (or gave) dance workshops in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

Here's my favourite video of him:

About GATSBY Dance Competition

GATSBY Dance Competition was created to bring together all young people who love GATSBY in Asia to join a popular activity among them, dance. The GATSBY Dance Competition is held in 8 different Asian countries (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan), where the winner of each leg moves on to compete in Tokyo, Japan, to be crowned as the No.1 Dancer in Asia.

The Awards & Winners of 5th Gatsby Dance Competition

The Greatest GATSBY Award
• SGD $3,000 cash prize
• An all-expenses paid trip to Tokyo for the Asia Finals
• GATSBY hamper
Won by: Sir Waackalot (Amin Alifin)


The only soloist dancer in this year's contest, here's SIR WAACKALOT's dance performance which got the house screaming their lungs out. You MUST must must must watch: 

Oh yes, he didn't let me down and was crowned the championSINGAPORE 5th Gatsby Dance Competition! He'll be on his way to Toyko to compete against the winners of the other 7 Asian Gatsby Dance Competition. Let us wish him all the best!

Dear Amin,
Hold on to this passion for dancing.
You've set it on fire and never let this flame diminished.
Everyone saw it as you danced, that ball of flame which was glowing; something which everyone desires to possess yet in order to meet our current living standards, had no choice but to sacrificed it. We need passionate people like you in Singapore to inspire others from our generations as well as the future generations.

Show the world your passion and they'll remember you for life.
Good luck & enjoy your holiday!

I'll be cheering for you here~

The Great GATSBY Award (Runner-up)
• SGD $1,000 cash prize
• GATSBY hamper
Won by: Freekzy Nuts (Mohammad Alif Bin Rais, Al Azlan Shah Bin Rahman, Lam Jie Sheng)

GATSBY Award (2nd runner-up)
• SGD $500 cash prize
• GATSBY hamper
Won by: The Basic Fives (Kenneth Kwang, Cheong Wai Fong)

Fan Favourite Award
• SGD $500 cash prize (530 votes for their video)
Won by: 88’s (Robin Teh, Nicholas Ho, Melissa Lim)

Stylish Group Award
• GATSBY hamper
Won by: ASH (Tan Nian Shun, Alex Yip, Mohammed Hazri Bin Sapuan)

Creative Dance Award
• GATSBY hamper
Won by: We Will Be Back (Yeo Wei Sheng, Joshua Ting, Elisha Lim)

Here's a picture taken with FISHBOY!!!!

*Jumps like a happy fan of Fishboy*


Here, a picture with another popular celebrity dancer from Japan, Charisma Kantaro.
Charisma is also one of the Judges of the 5th Gatsby Dance Competition.


Famous for their active involvement in Japan’s dance scene, Fishboy and Charisma Kantaro specialise in street dancing and are known for their variety shows and organisation of Japan’s biggest dance events.

Watch their judge showcase last year, 2012:

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Follow Your Heart & Chase your dreams~

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