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[Review] Crizal now comes with UV Protection for Your Eyes!

I was first introduced to Crizal last year.

Last year when I did the Crizal by Essilor review, it was about me conquering Universal Studios with my Crizal lens that protects me against the 5 enemies of vision:

  • Reflection
  • Scratches
  • Smudges
  • Dust
  • Water

Read about it here.

Crizal is back and this time, with UV Protection for our eyes!


Singapore's weather is so unpredictable nowadays. It can be scorching hot at 1 moment, and freaking cold in the next.That's why I fall sick so easily!

Ever since I knew more about UV rays, I've been putting a conscious effort to protect my skin. UV sun rays cause skin pigmentation, dry skin and even leads to other skin diseases, which are harmful to humans.

Watch this video.

Don't see the sun cute cute, it's actually really harmful if you are exposed to it too much.
Guys alike! 
You will also be affected.

This is my favourite sunblock so far: Ossion Improved Sun Pact.


It's been with me since July last year, and it's not even half used. On top of that, I like how it's non-sticky and smells like baby powder.





See how well it blends into my skin naturally.



So what about your eyes?

UV exposure has been proven to accelerate eye aging and the appearance of cataracts  amongst other vision problems. In addition, research also shows that 40% of UV rays can reach our eyes even when we are not in contact with full sunlight.

Not only that, UV is present not just in sun rays, but also other forms of light.


So how do we protect our eyes from these deadly UV rays?
You can't possibly apply sunblock to your eyes, can you?




Essilor is proud to present its latest breakthrough in corrective vision care - Crizal UV lenses that offer both front and back UV protection, a first in the market.


5 + 1 = 6
Crizal UV now combats 6 enemies of vision by minimising harmful UV rays that assault your eyes.

I'm going to get a new pair of specs with complimentary Crizal UV lenses!
Paid for my own specs frames.

How Crizal UV works

The new Crizal UV coating minimises visible and UV reflection from both the front and back of its lens, providing 360-degree UV protection for the eyes.
crizal UV

It's also equipped with Eye-Sun Protection Faction (E-SPF) 25, meaning you'll be 25 times more protected against UV than without any lenses.

The Crizal UV lens are able to block harmful UV light from the front, hence, wearers' eyes are protected from dangerous, direct frontal UV transmission.  However, the greatest remaining UV danger comes from the back UV reflection, which the lenses are able to combat against.

It's eye Check & Frame choosing time.

Off to Capitol Optical with MyDreamGuy for our free optical check at Raffles City~


I strongly recommend this outlet because they have a really friendly optician who was kind & helpful.
Thank you for making our trip so worthwhile.






I 'OOOOO' because I can't read the letters at all.
My left eye degree increased by 50!!
I guess it's because I play too much Hayday while lying down on my bed.


Our super uncle of the day, Minutemansg trying to decide which frame he's buying.


Our new specs

Every set of Crizal UV lenses comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Crizal UV Singapore

I can't wait to try my new specs!
*Drum rolls*

Crizal UV Singapore DIOR

Crizal UV Singapore DIOR

Crizal UV Singapore DIOR


It's the very first design I was recommended to and I immediately had a liking for it. 

Crizal UV Singapore DIOR

Not many black plastic frames comes with nose pads but this pair does.
I don't have a very protruding nose bridge so my specs keep sliding off all the time.

Crizal UV Singapore DIOR

I especially LOVE the temples of the specs!

Crizal UV Singapore DIOR

This is the first time MyDreamGuy chose a black-framed spectacles.
His Ray Ban which I pronounce as 'Ray - BUN'.

Crizal UV Singapore Ray-ban

Crizal UV Singapore Ray-ban

Before, with my Crizal Evisu black frames:
Crizal UV Singapore

After, with my Crizal UV Dior specs!

Crizal UV Lens
This image will appear for the year 2013 under the 'support' column on the right of this blog window.

That's him, Colin Chang aka myDreamGuy aka MinutemanSg before:

Crizal UV Singapore

Here's AFTER!
Crizal UV Singapore

We are ready for CHINESE NEW YEAR!

The reflection is at its minimal as you can see:

Crizal UV Singapore

Still worried about your eyes being hurt by harmful UV rays?

Crizal UV Singapore

Not anymore!
Best of all, Crizal UV is available in both clear and transition lenses!


So here's my new pair of specs. It comes with:

  1. Crizal UV
  2. Nose pads
  3. Nice temples(specs)
  4. High Index Lenses (thinner & lighter than normal index lenses, suitable for friends with high eye degree)
  5. Transition lenses

Crizal UV Lens

Thank you Essilor for your Crizal UV + High Index + Transition lenses!
Thank you Capitol Optical for your friendly service!
Thank you MyDreamGuy for shopping with me!

Now I'm fully protected against harmful UV sun-rays.
You should too!

Crizal UV lenses starts from S$120.

Read more about Crizal UV Lenses on


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