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[Review] Engaging A Personal Trainer in Singapore To Keep Me In Good Shape!

There are many more than enough reasons for me to keep myself in good shape...

First of all, it has to be my priority, SINGING!

Ocean Butterflies Music Forest

Yes, I've officially signed a contract with Ocean Butterflies Music Forest(OBMFsg) as their Vocal Ambassador of 2013 on 25 January 2013!

You'll be fed with plenty more updates about my music journey with #OBMFsg real soon and not to forget, you'll also receive blog perks along the way! Share with your friends about this because I've got more awesome stuff coming up to thank you for loving me all these while.

I should start doing my cardio exercises more regularly, jogging & rope skipping, to improve my singing stamina. It's usual for me to be easily out of breathe singing 2 sets of 45 minutes at my singing gigs. Right now I can do 3 sets of 45-minute continuously at Bark Cafe every Thursday. Practice makes perfect.

*Hint Hint* 
I'll be at Bark Cafe with Yiyang every Thursday from 7.30pm to 10.30pm, bringing to you Mandopop, English & more songs while you enjoy your dinner & drinks.


Of course, I'm still doing my weekly Monday Gigs at All About Eve Bar from 10PM onwards.

But like I say, there's always more room for improvement.
I know I'm not the best but I'll work towards being a better self!
I only have my friends and Mum to thank for not giving up on me.
Next, I ought to keep in shape because I still want to be able to fit into my current down-sized apparels: S

Take a look at my waist size last year:

Take a look at it now:

Having gone through so much pain & work before I come to this, I seriously have to maintain!
Besides, who knows I may have to wear a wedding gown next year?

Then, there comes hosting.
I've been running around Singapore with my group of emcee-friends for the CNY 2013 Tiger Beer Roadshows campaign. It's tiring as we have to be talking positively and fully alert of our surroundings at all times throughout the hours we are engaging with the crowd. Also as emcees, we'll have to walk around and react swiftly to unforeseen situations we meet. The brain needs to think extremely quickly.

Nevertheless, I'm having so much fun and all ready for Chinese New Year!

Tiger Beer Roadshow at Ang Mo Supermarket, 5 Feb 2013.

Tiger Beer Roadshow at Bedok Central, 2 Feb 2013.

So much energy to use, where did they come from?
FOOD & more exercise of course!

Having said that, I'm very lazy de lor.
Given the chance, I'll sleep all day!
I need motivation!

In order to be in a good shape, we also have to know HOW to.
And that's exactly something I don't know.
Yes, I have flubby arms & thighs, but I've no idea how to tone them up!

I'm a junk eater.
I eat at irregular intervals & munch on sweet stuff I see all the time: Bubble tea, Biscuits, chocolate bars.

*ordering KFC delivery now*

Which is why I seriously need to engage a personal trainer!
Read this article from Fabodylous about the advantages of Personal training:

I think he heard me because just one week after I said that, Wee Kiat who blogs for called me up and asked me if I wanted to go to the gym!

Photo taken from

Wee Kiat is a bodybuilder, fitness model, a blogger who blogs mainly about body building & fitness & more.
Though young, he's been into bodybuilding for the past 11 years. He's also currently training other body builders who are preparing for bodybuilding competitions.

This aspiring man is also a runner-up for Mr Kuala Lumpur 2012 Bodybuilding Championships!

Do you know that women should work out too to get a nice butt & fit look instead of a thin look?
Those models from Victoria Secret work their arse off in the gym for hours & hours just to achieve their sexeh body shapes~

To lose weight, Wee Kiat recommends doing workout for at least 3 times a week, 45min to 1 hour each time. Also, Cardio exercises are essential for weight management. Go for a 30-min jog 1 - 3 times a week to lose weight.

As for me, I wish to tone myself up!
Being my first time in a public gym, I was super lost & definitely shy.

Thankfully my personal trainer of the day, Wee Kiat got the situation settled.
Without breaking a sweat, he guided me through 1-hour of basic training for me, CUSTOMISED.

Not only that, we discussed about my meals.
Wee Kiat gave me more insights about healthy eating diets & suggested a more personalised diet plan for me which I'm extremely grateful for. Thank you!

Here's my workout routine for the day:

Machine flys (chest) - 1 warm up(WU), 3 working sets - 20
Dumbbell rows(back) - 1 WU, 3 - 8kg
Pile squats (legs) - 1WU, 3 - 10kg
Hip Thrusts (butt) - 3
Seated dumbbell press (shoulders) - 1WU, 3 - 6lbs
Dumbbell curls (biceps) - 1WU, 3 - 5lbs
Triceps kickbacks (triceps) - 1WU, 3 - 5lbs
Lying leg raises (abs) - 3

We managed to snap a few photos:
personal trainer 新加坡
Pile squats (legs): See me carrying a 10KG dumbbell, power right! :D

personal training in singapore
Pile squats (legs)

Trained by Singapore personal trainer
Seated dumbbell press (shoulders) 

Signapore personal trainer
Seated dumbbell press (shoulders)

personal training Singapore
Triceps kickbacks (triceps) - 1WU, 3 - 5lbs

training in Singapore
Triceps kickbacks (triceps) - 1WU, 3 - 5lbs

Thank you for your encouragement & motivation, Wee Kiat.
This is my first completed gym session.

I wouldn't have completed it without you man.

Personal Trainer In Singapore

People, are you looking for a personal trainer in Singapore too?
Contact Wee Kiat here:

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