Friday, February 22, 2013

[MOVIE] Red Numbers 红字 Movie Gala Premiere

The Red Numbers Movie Gala Premiere was a major success!
The Grand Cathay Hall was FULL of supporters, friends & family.

Red numbers

Invited by Gim Goh, it was certainly my utmost honour to host on the Red Carpet with him.
Here's my best co-host partner of all times:

Chants: Gim Goh Gim Goh Gim Goh Gim Goh
Eh chant together leh, Gim Goh Gim Goh Gim Goh Gim Goh....

Host Gim Goh

Host Mint Leong

Here's a photo taken by Xavien as were were interviewing actor, Ckay:
Photo from: XavienPhoto

Red Numbers is about a story which revolves around a guy who, according to a fengshui master, only has 3 lucky minutes in his life. His fortune is wrapped up with a greedy family whose grandfather holds the key to the winning combination in the 4D lottery.


This is one movie with overwhelming amount of potential 4D numbers.
Prepare your 'Notes' app on your smartphone before the movie starts.

Red Numbers is a comedy-superstition-black humour-thriller-action-singaporean style movie.

It's Director Dom Ow's debut movie,
Reputable Feng Shui Master, Master Hui, first movie acting as one of the main cast,
Sugie Phua's first acting movie...

It's also a movie with many many, and I mean really many guest appearances by local celebrities.
You might not know their names, but i guarantee you'll spot so many familiar faces!

Plenty of pleasant surprises awaits so you HAVE to watch Red Numbers!

Photo taken from: Red Numbers Facebook Page

Catch Red Numbers in Cinemas on 22nd Feb 2013 (that's TODAY onwards)
Like and share their Facebook Page to support home grown local films.

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