Thursday, February 21, 2013

[23 FEB 2013 SAT] Hosting For V Singer 2012 Live Music Showcase At Rhythms By The Bay

Remembered the V Singer 2012 singing contest I participated in Dec 2012?

All 57 of us graduated from the V Singer 2012 Intensive Music Course.

 The 13 most outstanding classmates were selected to continue their V Singer Journey and you can find out who they are by clicking on the V Singer Elite Team album.

In fact, I've cast my votes for ALL of them.

But if I really really have to choose my favourite performer so far at the Elite Team music Showcases,
then this person has to be
aka Fat Dragon

*PLEASE will someone upload that Gangnam Style song which he performed at Crazyworld Cafe on Youtube PLEASE! It's sooooo awesome I can watch it for another million times.*

Here's a snippet of Cleon's V Singer Valentine's Day Special performance at SCAPE on 8 Feb 2013.

Video taken from: V Singer Facebook Page

Cleon's really engaging.

A partnership with Marina Bay Singapore's Rhythms By The Bay, the 4th V Singer Elite LIVE Music Showcase is happening this weekend!

Photo Taken From: V Singer Facebook Page

23 FEB 2013
5PM - 7PM
Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade 
(That's the boardwalk in front of MBS)
Performing English & Mandarin songs.

Admission is FREE.

Hanrey Low aka Blur King from Ah Boys To Men & yours truly will also be there to host this awesome showcase.

PLEASE DON'T REQUEST FOR US to do the Harlem Shake on that day.

Visit the Elite Team Live Music Showcase Event Page for more information.

Let's have lotsa fun together this Saturday!!!
See you!

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