Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I feel fiery whenever someone doesn't trust me.

My blood will boil.
I will feel like screaming my head off.

When I said I will return something,
it means I will.
When you said I spouted nonsense,
I responded immediately,
what nonsense did I spout?


You did your explanation.
I have sounded my stand too.

did I ever said I will return,
and I never did?
did I tell you something,
and change my mind thereafter without giving it much consideration?

I know you too well oh yes I do.
I spouted nonsense?
you spouted nonsense too.

you didn't know how foul your mouth is, don't you?
One day,
everyone in the world will turn their back on you.

Carry on,
you can pretend to be in your up-up position.
When you fall,
I will see how painful you may be from up above.

Go ahead,
let your ego eat you up.

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