Friday, April 30, 2010

Kill Me If You Can, Flu Virus

Quick quick,
ask me what I'm doing recently,
ask me, ask me!

I've been holding 2 jobs-
production and tuition.

I'm the production manager for an upcoming
Mediacorp Ch8 Teenage Drama, Cheerful Drum Beat.

We are at our pre-production stage now,
hence a peak period for me;
A strong foundation is essential for everything.

On top of that,
I'm given a golden opportunity to sing its theme and sub-theme song.
You wouldn't know HOW ESCTATIC I AM NOW!

I'm screaming my lungs out from within.

I will definitely cherish and make the best out of it!

5 classes, with at least 10students in each class,
their homework piling and waiting for me to mark.

I am really grateful to both my bosses,
who are understanding towards my committments on both sides.
They will give me time off in the weekends so that I really have a good rest.

On top of that,
I'm the event organiser for an upcoming
primary school mega gathering in November!
This is my first attempt to coordinate a event for 200ppl!

a gathering is FINALLY going to happen after 12 long years!!!

A committee to maintain,
A production to manage,
Tuition classes to look after,
2 new songs to train up for,
and of course,
not to forget my family and friends!

With increasing responsibilities,
and this hell weather,
i'm falling sick again- throat infection.

Not when I'm singing... *SOB SOB*
When I was younger,
i remembered losing my voice,
or down with fever on the day of my finals' singing contests.
i'll be bedridden on my audition day.


Please God,
don't do this to me!!!

Whenever I'm losing faith,
I will remember someone close ever saying this to me,
"Think like a Superstar."

I refuse to raise the white flag against this flu virus;

Another thing that I am grateful for-
My boyfriend who found his way to ease my worries and upsetting matters.
He never fails.


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