Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Once again,
I stepped my feet into my Primary School-
Bukit Panjang Primary School.

How long has it been?
12 years, I suppose.

Everything is so miniature;
right from the canteen benches to the desks in the classrooms.
I was like a giant in school.
please do not mention this 'giant' thing to Jo,
my primary schoolmate, who was with me.

*nonchalant smile*

My P6 classroom.
Nothing is changed except for
the additional lockers and interior furnishings of the upgraded school.

So many flashbacks:
standing outside the classroom for not doing my homework,
passing of little notes among my BFFs,
the unwillingness to leave the school on the last day as a P6 student,
the outdoor bags, tweety bird bags, and not to forget the pager trend,
sharp combs, long hush puppies socks etc.

So many nostalgic moments overwhelmed me as i walk around the school once more.

I loved it;
I know you will too.

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