Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On Shuffle.

I had a dreadful nightmare the other night;
The 'O' level student from my Sec Eng Class had confronted me,
saying that I'm an imposter tutor.

Her mother then dashed into the classroom,
saying that I had taught her daughter ALL the wrong things.

A similar scenario is unacceptable.
I am NOT an imposter tutor and I educate
with all my efforts and life knowledge.

In order to further strengthen my basics,
I also bought this book:

Although I am no longer taking an examination,
nor am I a student,
I must take initiative towards self-improvement
to facilitate a better study enviornment for all my students.

If I do not work harder than these children,
in what position am I to expect them to work hard then?

On a lighter note,
DD was packing his drawers in the middle of one night.
He was giggling in between his packing,
fascinated by all his childhood items.

They are C-L-A-S-S-I-C.

Look at his spelling mistakes!
If he were my student,
I would've strangled him by now.
Of course,
he'll be too adorable for me to lay my hands on him.

One of my favourite dramas back then- 环珠格格
Vivdly, I still remember how to sing its theme song.

Below is a random picture of Manfred, my 5 year old cousin,
taking a photo of me in his wagon.
Last Friday on April Fool's Day,
DD and I brought him to the Jurong Bird Park.

Here's another random photo.
This was taken on this year's Chinese New Year Eve,
Where ALL my cousins were changing the covers of the couch seats
while watching television programmes together.

I felt it was cosy when families work together.
It'll be a blessing to be able to stay like this together
until we grow old. :)

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