Friday, April 16, 2010

What's fun and what's not?

Oh yes,
I like to try all kinds of weird stuff.
Not that extreme like bungy jump or air-borne of course,
but something not everyone in this world would know.

For fun's sake. :)

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Yesterday on my way to tuition class,
I was stucked in a traffic jump along TPE.

The traffic was crawling to its maximum.

It started from the exit at Jalan Kayu up till the exit at Lorong Halus!
In midst of the jam,
I thought it was really just those K-po drivers causing that jam.
With all the cursing and swearing going on in the car-
I was already half an hour late for my class-
my mind flooded with a hundred and one assumptions
deduced from the scenario.

I changed my mind as the deafening siren of the ambulance sounded from behind.
Within seconds,
the supersonic ambulance sped past me via the road shoulder.

That caught my immediate attention.

As i observe my surroundings-
cramped up roads,
irritated-looking on the drivers, who,
were getting restless and frantically cutting lanes,
flashing signal lights coming from every car on the road-
I caught sight of the ERP signboard a few hundred metres ahead of me.

As I approached the accident zone,
this is what i saw:

And this, is not fun at all.

Life is so vulnerable in the hands of fate.

I remember i read this somewhere,
"Live today like there's no tomorrow!"
Please, cherish your life, as well as others,
drive safely on the road.

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