Monday, June 27, 2011

Love Letter For My Family Members.

Apparently I've just spent 1 hour typing a really old-grandmother-story facebook private message to all my aunts, uncles & cousins who have a Facebook account, updating them about my life and also to get them to keep in touch.

Some of my aunts, uncles & cousins are distant relative whom I've not met, of what seem forever. But thanks to Facebook & smartphone, I manage to add & got in touch with them once again!

The Power of Social Media.

The good thing about sending this kind of letter, I reckon, is that I can include URLs to images and videos which they can access easily. Images are easily found in my account at their fingertips.

Now I wait for response. *YEAH*


Yesterday's SGSMD was a success thanks to many friends & kind-hearted bloggers, tweeps, who have come forward to help out! Got a LONG thank you list which I've already tweeted on Twitter yesterday! Realize I've been tweeting more than every recently. Of course, I definitely can't wait to blog about it!

Posts coming up this week:

I got my first Crizal Lens specs!
Singapore Social Media Day 2011
N.E Mation is back!
CRIMEWATCH 2011 Episode 4(Behind the Scenes)
ECTV Short film shoot (Behind the Scenes)
SINdie NDP MV Shoot(Behind the Scenes)

Don't know can blog finish or not sia...
If not I'll move it to the next but definitely will blog!

2.23am now.

I still have SINdie NDP MV Video Shoot tomorrow + Singing Performance at night. BEDTIME! Good night everyone!

Just before you go to bed, Have you voted for Mint's blog & your favourite bloggers on Singapore Blog Awards today? :)

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