Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Milo Peng, Anyone?

I am craving for a glass of icy cold milo at home but dreads the making process!

Let's take the NORMAL 3-in-1 milo sachets for instance. After I pour the content into a glass, I add in some HOT water, stir until the milo powder melts ENTIRELY. Last but not least, add in cold water & ice.

Not only do I have to go through these steps, I still have to worry whether the milo powder will dissolve with the cold water, whether the milo will be cold enough, whether I added too much ice and dilute the entire drink.... ARGHHHHHHH!!!

Going through all these for just a glass of Milo Peng.
*Simi Daiji*

After I tried this new NESTLE product, I realise how convenient it is to make Milo Peng(Ice Milo) now! Milo Peng lovers like me, check this out:


Only 2 steps is required:
1. Pour in the entire content of 3-in-1 Easy Cool Milo
2. Add in 180ml of COLD water OR
2. Add in 150ml of COLD water + ice




Look. No frets over undissolved powder content!

Mission completed: The Making Of Milo Peng, Easily!


3-in-1 Easy Cool Milo


15 x 26g sachets

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