Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[Behind The Scene] Another Home, The Ultimate National Day 2011 MV by SINdie

A tribute Singapore National Day 2011, SINdie has whipped up something really juicy for everyone!

*SING* Who's afraid of the big fat bear, big fat bear, big fat bear?



Oh forget about the bear, that's a super sweaty GOH YONG WEI under the bear head in a fishmonger costume. (that's so wrong!) The cast had pull it over him for behind-the-scene entertainment to realize he fits the head proportionately to his real body...

Where was I? Ah yes, the Ultimate National Day 2011 Music Video. It's a Singapore parody MV, so expect pieces of overnight-fame local news, spoof by bloggers(Hpility, yongwei, Joanne, me) , celebrities, reputable Singaporeans & lots of fun-loving people!

News Like:

Remember the 'bear' spotted at this bus stop at Ulu Pandan which turns out to be part of a marketing campaign and got passers-by all freaked out? We got our very own bear dressed up in the legendary swimming trunks.


And this, the NS man who got his maid to carry his NS bag pack. This piece of news hit all the way to Taiwan, how about that! In our parody, Enlai is our lead character, starring as "the NS man". In this MV, he has six, S.I.X. maids! You'll know why he needs 6 maids when the final MV is out. Trust me, it'll be hilarious!



Spot local blogger, Joanne, starring as one of his maids. She's playing 2 roles in this MV, you'll definitely love her other role (Hint: She's playing a politician.)



I'm keeping myself occupied with Naruto manga & brunch while the rest were doing their dance moves. Random: The chicken wing was delicious!



Our music player; super budget but extremely effective!


I'm not going to tell you who I am acting out as in this national day music video, but I'm sure you'll figure it out pretty soon. First, let's take a look at 'my' back view. Guess who yet?

Shall not tell the storyline but I'll drop you hints instead. Don't want to spoil the anticipation. :)


'I' was cordially invited to grace a grand ceremony. Best of all, 'I' have a really cute body guard! *awww*



More clues: I'm a politician! *Obvious right, with that garland of flower hanging around my neck.


That 'I don't know what to say!' look when 'I' meet one of the young YOG torch bearers at 'the gracing ceremony', Shermaine Ang. Why is she there in the first place? You'll find out pretty soon!



I'm jealous that she has more garlands than I do. So what's my reaction when I meet her face-to-face?


We'll stand on the same rally van and pose for pics together. That means we'll have more garlands added up together! Unity is essential for a prosperous home.

The next thing you know, we're posing with our producer & director for pictures too!

Caution: Never like you've seen before.


Posing with our producer, Clement.

And here's our awesome director, Jeremy!

Have you guessed who we are by now?
*Finger on your lips*
Let's just keep this answer a secret until you watched the MV to check if you're right!


Like we can get any better with the lightings. How about using a reflector, guys?



A couple of onlookers mistook me as the real character herself! I have to thank Venus for this perfect makeover. Thank you, darling!

Thank you Jeremy & SINdie, for this opportunity to have so much fun throughout the entire filming process & got to know more fun-loving friends.


Thank you, the entire Production Crew for all your hard work, plannings & arrangements!


It's A Wrap!

I can't wait to watch the final product at the end of July 2011! That's about 2 weeks from now! *Squeal*


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Have a good laugh ahead everyone!

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