Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Personal.


Finally a day where I can REALLY rest and blog with ease!

Apart from watching Taiwan Drama Series Rookies' Diary, I've been really occupied... with playing iPhone applications. Ever since I've replaced my primary phone with an iPhone3GS after the keypad of my Blackberry didn't work anymore, you'll see me everywhere holding and looking at the screen of my iphone.

Status: 走火入魔 (Addicted)


Despite the fact that I didn't download as many applications as some others, the ones which I did required much commitment and time. Take Twitter, Facebook & Weibo for instance, it's a major tool which make me feel connected with my friends &family. I can spend up to an hour before bedtime and the moment I wake up, reading tweets & checking notifications. It feels like waiting for letters in my mailbox from my primary school Penpal who used to stay opposite my block.

These two app games which I am currently hooked on:


Just as I was taking photographs of my iphone apps, a notification popped up, telling me that the carrots seeds I sowed 3 hours ago are ready for harvest! Let me show you!



Mom, who's already at level 31, recommended it to me.

For those who've never played Farm Story, the objective of this game is to plant crops & rear animals in order to earn money to build a big & pretty farm with an empty plot of land. With this money, you can expand the land, buy houses, fence up your home, purchase decorations and even save up to build a pretty waterfall!

Your farm account need not be full of money. It is about how pretty & innovative you can build it. My mom planted her crops to form the words "I <3 U". It was a pretty sight! I'll get the screen shot from her and show you.

This is Mint's farm:


There's pretty much nothing about it yet because I'm still saving money to expand my land. Not only does it cost at least 10,000, I have to search for other Farm Story Players and invite them to be my 'neighbours' in order to make my purchase. The quantity & number increases as I get a larger piece of land.

If you're a Farm Story Player, invite me to be your neighbour! I can give you gifts & water your crops for you!

Farm ID: MintLeong

The next game was recommended by Silver Jie, known as Vegas Towers.

You build a skyscraper from scratch, as high as you want to, with hotels, entertainment, food venues... You decide how grand your hotel will be & WHERE to place your venues within the building. On top of that, you have to manage your Vegas Towers with room services, extinguish fire outbreaks, bribe stylists etc.

Danger: Highly Addictive as you see how the visitor count increases by each time you create a new venue.


Boyfriend and I have one account each. (Ignore the tower name 'Juliet' as I've accidentally created one more)



Photo: click on the room to perform room service & earn an attractive service fee.

Photo: Collect Rents!

I notice a sudden increase in this word on my Twitter timeline, ''. After clicking on their links to '', I was fascinated by how artistic & nostalgic my friends' photos were. I downloaded the app & tried it out for myself.



In the end, I kept using it too.

Somewhat like Twitter, the only difference apart from the layout, is you share photos with captions on the timeline rather than tweeting 140 words. Whenever a friend leaves a comment or 'likes' your photos, you'll be notified by the app. Be fed at the Feed button with your friends' instagrams! You can 'like' and leave a comment on your friends' photographs too!

After you have taken a photo, there are more than 10 themes with different colours to choose from. Upload & share these photos on both Twitter and Facebook where more friends can see! This is so much easier to convey a message sometimes because a picture speaks a thousand words.

Here are some of my shots:





I did some shots when I brought Bubble to the vet this morning.


My poor Bubble! (although he looks quite happy but trust me, it's only the beginning)


He is being diagnosed with a type of enzyme(skin infection). The vet had to shave off ALL the hair beneath his left ear in order to give the infected area a good wash and a jab.

Notice the wet part of his hair, that's whitish discharge like mayonnaise. It hurts & itch at the same time he kept scratching and whining together.


The collar is secured with a rafia string.


Poor Bubble has been looking like this since he reached home:


He started banging against walls, into the legs of the chairs and table corners. Soon he gave up walking around and stayed stagnant wherever I last left him. He even had trouble taking his lunch with the collar on him. After a few attempts, he gave up his lunch.







SUPER EMO HERE >>>>>> (Okay I'm coming to save you Buppy.)


He loves to be fed but I didn't want to spoilt him rotten. So I did what he would've been really grateful! I took off the collar!



After that I allowed him to rest on my lap while I blogged. In this way I can make sure he doesn't scratch his wound.



Love you, Bubble.

To YOU who have caught me on TV last week & the week before, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT and not to forget, sharp eyesight that you recognise me! :)

If you had missed the Crimewatch Episodes, you can watch it here. I'm in Episode 4. You know, I've NEVER done so many lines on TV before, this is my first.

Sidenote: Pardon that I look like someone who'd just came from Mainland. The wardrobe did it for me. I don't know about this but majority don't really make a lot of effort preparing part time actors & actresses to look their best on scenes. I mean, if we look good, don't they get credited too??? Nonetheless, I believe that this mentality was caused by some spoilt brats out there who thinks so highly of themselves and demands alot from the wardrobe.

Anyway, I am still thankful that there are dedicated stylists like Yan Jie & Kate who cares for part timers and calefares like us, even when we're not celebrities, yet.

Thank you!

Credits to Jeremy, who took the effort to record my part down for me. Otherwise I'll not be able to upload it here for you all for a good laugh. Enjoy!

Crimewatch2011 Ep4(mandarin), Mint as a Hotel Manager:

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