Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Are Words

Never underestimate the power of a song.

The plain piano chords & a man who wrote and sang his heart out for his fiancee is enough to make the world cry with him. What Are Words, a song about making promises & fulfilling them.

Chris Medina participated in American Idol 2011 to encourage his brain-damaged fiancee. His fiancee, Julianna Ramos, met with a car accident in 2009 and contracted brain damage. She was in coma for more than a month.

When he didn't made it into Top 24, Jennifer Lopez cried as she broke the news to him.

The photo montage of Chris Medina & his fiancee, Julianna Ramos. I cried and cried over and over again everytime I recall their beautiful love story.

Chris Medina & Juliana Ramos,
You have ALL my blessings.

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