Monday, May 23, 2011

An Island All To Yourself!

Tiger Beer is all set to bedazzle Singapore by giving one lucky beer drinker and his/her 14 friends the “Best Holiday in the World” and the opportunity to create their own private island escapade worth $50,000.

Tiger Beer will take over the entire Nikoi Island for 3 days, 2 nights experience and the 15-villa resort – the only one on the island – will be crafted to suit the whims and fancies of the winner and friends, creating a unique holiday experience like no other. The winner will also get to choose between a ‘Beach DJ Party’, a ‘Beach BBQ’ or a ‘Beach Camp Fire Dance’ to be organised during the island getaway.

Photo Courtesy of Asia Pacific Breweries

Touted as one of the most stunning islands in the region, Nikoi is a 15-hectare island located about 8km off the east coast of Bintan Island in Indonesia. The getaway would not be complete without a free flow of Tiger Beer for the winner and friends, administered responsibly within the individuals’ personal limits.

Photo Courtesy of Asia Pacific Breweries

I'm a beach + Sea + Nature Lover; yearning for tranquility with a tinkle of entertainment to spice up life a little. I've ALWAYS hope that I'll be born & live next to the sea even if I'm exposing myself highly dangerously to Tsunamis. If I own a plot of land there, there'll be so much I will do to make it a secret garden-style paradise for my family, friends and I.

Imagine an island all to yourself with 14 other of your BFFs & family members--Wohoooooooo!!! Seriously, anyone would want to have a getaway like this repeatedly & escape urbanization for awhile.

More than 3 years back, I went to Bintan with a group of friends for a birthday celebration. We booked an entire villa all to ourselves, about 12 of us in total. The Villa, facing the sea, was really empty(just us) with our own private pool, BBQ pit and buggies to drive around for our own convenience!

That was my god-like kind of getaway I will never forget all my life. I'm not really a fan of shopping, looking at sky-scrapers, crossing traffic lights & junctions.

*Oh God, please let this kind of dream holiday happen again*


Photo courtesy of Joel

Warm yourself up with a tan by the seaside for a start. Enjoy the sea view, read a book, fall asleep in the sun. Do whatever it is except to think of work back at home.



If that gets too bored for you, challenge your friend, climb coconut trees.

Person in Photo: Ah Da

Arm yourselves, load & get your water pistols ready!
Divide yourselves into groups & try to wet the opponent's flag.

I played this game with my younger sister, cousin & friends at Sentosa once. This is not child's play. You need a substantial amount of stamina to keep running and hiding.




Photo: My Twinny, Chrissy. You've been missed. :)

How about winners winning yourself to unlimited ice-cream & ice freeze while the losers try quench your thirst with HOT Teh Tariks IN THE BATHING SUN!



As dusk sets in, prepare for a night of Grill & BBQ. Let them serve while the group amuse yourselves with a night of Singing & dancing. Mahjong & Game tables will be ready for use by now.

HUAT as you feast away!






Person in photo: Andrew

Person in photo: Chrissy


Random: Start your very own 'world war 3' in the pool!


End your first night with a warm Jacuzzi soak & aromatic massage.


Good Morning! as you embrace yourself in the picturesque view of the sunrise. Enjoy your breakfast in bed as you indulge in the morning sea breeze.



Gear up yourself to go on an expedition within the island. The fauna & flora are ready for hide-and-seek. Immerse yourself in mother nature; experience to the calls of the cicadas & migrating birds.









Head down to the beach for a sumptuous picnic. If your BFF decides to splash-attack you, Do it back! You can afford the time anyway. :p


Take a rest for the rest of the afternoons- Get a tan or play some cards, ride on chopper maybe?- then get ready for beach Volleyball!


Keep your other friends who are not playing involved. They can be your referees & score-keepers you know. :)


Haven't had enough? Head back to the pool for a round of captain ball polo!


Pamper yourself with a 6-course fine-dining dinner. Create your very own classy ambiance- jazz music playing in the background, candle-lights. Go on and splurge-- just for once. You deserve it.



Get the band to play something you all know & karaoke all you want!


Still feeling really full after dinner? How about a game of para para in your very own game room? Sounds pretty fun with King Of Fighters & Guitar Heroes too.


Tiger Beer + Food + Friends = Football
Round your friends up in the living room & catch a game of football together! You can shout & yell like nobody's business.

No one can hear you anyway.

Photo Courtesy Of Joel


Just to make sure you're really tan enough before heading back home. Go for a final round of tanning & swim.



Come on,you can sleep on your way back and catch a good sleep when you're home. Don't waste that 3D2N!


Bubble's all ready, let's pack and go Nikoi Island!


From 1st April to 31st May 2011, simply purchase $30 of Tiger Beer in a single receipt and enter your information in our Facebook page.

Purchase Tiger Beer at all participating bars, hotels, clubs, entertainment venues, restaurants, all major supermarkets as well as 7-Eleven, Cheers, Fairprice Xpress, Caltex and SPC outlets. However, the promotion is open only for persons above 18 years old. Receipts will need to be retained in order to claim the prizes.

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  1. Yes. But it'll be nicer at Nikoi island because of the sea, the privacy & the free flow of Tiger Beer!!! Wohooo!