Thursday, May 19, 2011

There's A Troll

Right here.

A troll found his way to my blog.


1. If I'd tried to hide any untruth, why would I tell you in the first place and give you a chance to 'uncover' my past here on my behalf?
2. If you've heard of my past from a friend, then make assumptions like that, you are someone who doesn't give others a second chance.
3. If you're someone I know, by choosing to remain anonymous, you're highly possible a backstabber who pretends & calls people names.

Conclusion: You're not really a friend-to-be no matter from which angle I see. *Shakes head*

FYI, long-term friends who know me by my real name, nicknames, surname, still call me by them & introduce me to their friends as that, adding that they can also call me 'Mint'.

Before you call someone a 'cheater' just because they didn't declare their real name, please make sure it's reasonable & not a joke. *Been laughing at this for hours and hours* So what, if someone who has always been known by their nicknames must declare their real names too? What about you? Why didn't you declare your REAL NAME?

I'm not acting like a celebrity.
I AM A BLOGGER. (WohoooO!)

Wait a minute, by telling me not to act like one, are u saying I have reflected some of these traits? Oh my! I'm so flattered, thank you! (that wasn't even planned.) I am a B.L.O.G.G.E.R, ya?

My past consists of a full range of colours(including black & grey ones) & adventures which best friends of mine have suggested to be made into short films. I can tell long long grandmo*Aww...I miss my teenage years*

Since you're so free, maybe you can try go back to the Dinosaur era to dig up more past? That would've been more constructive. Or better, since you want people to know of my past so much, wanna help in this short film production as well? I would be overjoyed to have extra helping hands.

This is my welcome gift for you, Troll. :)

PS: I'm not going to to entertain you anymore.

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