Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Genie


Tomorrow; first day of shoot.

Our short film was chosen by EcTv to appear on screen soon!
FYI: "Ec" Stands for Edmund Chen, 陈之财

Meet the short film sponsor: Master Hui.
I'll be using his items in the short film.


Meet the team I'm in, 天书.

From furthest:
Anthony, my scriptwriter
Tomato, my female lead
Patrick, my assistant director

I will keep the celebrity male lead and celebrity mentor a secret for now.


My role?
I am the director of this short film- JUNIOR director.
With less than 12hours to the shoot, I am both enxious and anxious at the same time.
There is so much to learn!

We have been working extremely hard during our pre-production with meetings after meetings.



After that I'm going FULL focus on Singapore Social Media Day which will be held on
25th June 2011.

Bloggers, Youtube Performers, Blogshop owners, Tweepers, Flickr users, Facebook friends, come join us at the carnival!


Sorry for the lack of updates!

I promise to blog when I have more time!
Or maybe you can grant me some? :p

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