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Super Junior's Super Show 4; ARghhhHHHHHHHH!

Every year I attend their concert, I love them a little SOOoooo much more!

F&N Sparkling Drinks & IMSG, I LOVE YOU MAX!
Thank you for the kindest invitation to Super Show 4(SS4) Concert, where I got a pair of FRONT row to enjoy the fullest view of Super Show 4 performance and Super Junior UP CLOSE! SO CLOSE so close that they were just right in front of me, giving me heart attacks, leaving me gasping for breathe!

At this point of time I still feel like screaming.


I'm so totally hooked after I attended SS3 last year; HOOKED!

I wanna see them again NEXT YEAR, NEXT NEXT YEAR, EVERY EVERY EVERY YEAR! When you watch Suju perform LIVE, you'll never forget the kind of charisma this boy band can achieve; limitless.

This SS4 concert, I invited my Barbie Doll Darling(BDD), Amandashima, to watch the concert with me. She's a Suju fan and know most of the members' names & band info,  unlike me who only knows Lee Dong Hae. I think it's an achievement on my side this year because last year, I don't even know any names of the band members. 

*chants Donghae Oppa*
Ops, I just got carried away again.


BDD Amandashima and I walking towards Singapore Indoor Stadium. We looked extremely calm but as a matter of fact, we were screaming excitedly all the way to the North Entrance; 2 crazy women yet we seriously couldn't hide our excitement anymore!

SUPER JUNIOR is here in Singapore, how not to be?!

Oh by the way, notice my new hair colour?
Love my latest Ash Brown + ash blonde highlights + tinge of havana hair colour TTM, done at Franz de Paris.


Once seated inside the stadium however, BDD and I realized we were actually one of the tamest as compared to the other audience who weren't already there. >-____________-"<

Ladies and gentlemen, the stage that is just RIGHT IN FRONT OF US:


Oh god, oh god, tell me that I'm dreaming.
Tell me that I am NOT seated even nearer to the stage as compared to last year!

I kept telling BDD that I was going to faint anytime due to the extreme exhilaration! My tensed up face in the picture below tells you all how much I'm trying to keep my cool this whole time so that decent photos could be taken.

Photo credits to BDD Amandashima

The thing about me attending concerts is that I never knew where to get light wands or LED lights prepared. I'm so afraid of getting the wrong colours, wrong measurements. So when BDD pulled out one of those light sticks from her bag, and even had Donghae's korean name printed on it, I squealed like a 3-year-old! According to her, it was the very last one in the shop!

And guess what, BDD likes Donghae too!
Hi-5 Darling~

Photo credits to BDD Amandashima

I'm holding and kissing the light stick like my priceless trophy.
BDD gave it to me at the end of the concert, I was so thrilled to have it! Thank you Darling!

Sitting on my other side fortunately, is none other than my BFF Darren Ang!

It's ALL thanks to him and BDD, I got photographs of SS4 to show you on my blog.  My iphone 3GS couldn't take good quality photos, neither could my Blackberry Bold 9900. Whatever came out looked either disastrously blurred out or black screened. Plus, I've to 'siam' the guards' meticulous sight and the shutterspeed doesn't compliment at all.

The security is SO TIGHT this year, everytime anyone try and take out your camera, the security guards will come and stand in front of you and flash up their 'No photography, no videography and no camera phones' signs. Yes, this year's copyrights issue is 100x stricter than last year. You snap, 2 or more guards will come after you almost immediately! I really hope they do not ban cameras and video-cams into the stadium next year.

Camwhoring was fine though.
We could take photos of ourselves and the empty stage before the performance commences.

Sometimes, I wish bloggers could be granted more rights to take event photographs. Well, maybe not the entire performance but at least allow us a time limit. In this way it's a win-win, we can help play a part in spreading the awesomeness of the concert too!

Photo credits to BFF Darren Ang.

Like I've said, the poster of the 'no photo-taking' sign which was held up by the guard to warn us for the 1000000 times:

Photo credits to BFF Darren Ang.

This is the one and only picture of Donghae's solo close-up from Darren, OVER EXPOSED! ARGHHHHH. And THAT sign has to be there to spoil the picture further, fml.

So you see, who says being bloggers are easy? They too, risk themselves just so they will be able to share 1st hand pictures and videos with their readers. I genuinely think it's basic courtesy to credit and acknowledge their hardwork and efforts, okay?

Beautiful blue flashes of light sticks resembling the ocean when pieced together:

Photo credits to BDD Amandashima

Donghae looked at us please, BDD and I are taking turns to hold up your name!

Photo credits to BDD Amandashima

Photo credits to BDD Amandashima

Photo credits to BDD Amandashima

Photo credits to BFF Darren Ang.

The lighting effects and props prepared for SS4 is totally awesome! Suju came out looking super suave, and fireworks were generously used. Needless to say, the graphics of the concert compliment the entire band so well that the visual landscape looked super realistic!

When the clouds were flashed on the screen, flying bicycles and even a colourful aeroplane were used with Suju members on them. There were walking scenes where paths were constructed and in moving motions, like as if the idols are really walking and admiring the countryside.

Super Junior has proven themselves not only good-looking, but also talented that each one of them can play a different instrument(s). Plus, they can dance, speak multi-languages, engage the audience, sing LIVE, cross-dress, act cute and most of all, they are NOT AFRAID TO UGLIFY THEMSELVES!

The combination of sexy girls, lightings, graphics, amazing costumes(they've got LED-lite coats!), props, throwing gifts, the idols running and playing with one another on stage(cuteness max), kept me fully entertained for the entire 3 hours! What's more, I have BDD Amanda to scream for our beloved Donghae together!

Perhaps the part where they could improve, could be asking more female fans to go up on stage and invite them to participate in their activities all at once. Getting only 1 female up there, facing so many idols can be intimidating and embarrassing. So that fan wasn't really responsive towards instructions and dragged on some time. However, I'm truly awed that Suju manage to pull delayed audience-response off so easily. There's so much to learn from them!

This year, I also spotted an increasing number of guys in the stadium!

Photo credits to BDD Amandashima

Now, I was sitting right behind these 3 super aggressive Suju Fans, who stood up EVERYTIME any member came close, trying in vain to catch their attention.

Amazingly, they somehow did it.

Lee Teuk, Suju's team leader, was singing his solo and climbed down from the stage to present a stalk of rose to the person in green top. Not only that, he gave her a hug which ended her up in tears! Darren quickly turned into action. Within a split second, he managed to take an extreme close up photo of Lee Teuk before we got shooed off again. SMART DARREN!

Photo credits to BFF Darren Ang.

However, things went hysterical after that.

Girls from the same section, sitting at the back began to flock and cock up the front, waiting for their golden chance to get close to their idols- either the idols will shake their hands or snap instant Polaroids using the girls' cameras. There was even a mini incident where the girl in leopard prints-top fell and got stepped on. She even got crashed under another fallen girl who slipped. OUCH.

Amanda Darling and I got worried if we'll be hit in the face or stamped on our feet by someone as we were in the 2nd row. Those girls were simply oblivious to the danger they are posting to the others by pushing their way to the front!

I further witnessed an even uglier sight, where that leopard-print girl deliberately elbowed the girl who crashed and fall onto her previously. This went on throughout the night: the flocking, pushing, elbowing, pushing again, falling, squeezing...

Thank god the other BFFs, bloggers and BDD who were there at the scene kept our cool. We were sitting not far off one another. We took a group photo together, except Darren, who left early with his mom.


Left: William, Shaun, Amandashima, Me, Jeremy(back), Hongpeng, Shuqing(white), Jessie(in strips)

SS5 Singapore, I'm already waiting!

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