Monday, February 13, 2012

My Cousin Can Dance!

First of all Cousin Ben, if you're reading this, I just want to let you know that I'm extremely proud of you, and have always been!

All my cousins have talents of their own, and this cousin of mine, Benjamin Chua, has a gift for dancing. When he grooves, he makes me wanna groove along and wave my hands in the air with him! (I DID and i don't care if I looked stupid then.)

Yes, I'm showing off to all of you that I have a cousin who can dance and he is so totally passionate about it!  *BLEAH*

Together with my family members and Silver Zir, we attended his school's dance concert last week. It's call "What's Stopping You?".

Synopsis of this dance concert taken from the programme sheet that was given to me:

We all face different forms of restriction in our everyday lives, holding us back from pursuing our passion as a dancer. The struggle between reality and dreams eventually causes the line between them to blur. What would you do? What can you do?  In order to break free from_what's stopping you?


Complimentary ticket for cousie's mom.

Won't you look at the response! It's ALMOST full house that I have to sit right at the back!



All of you did a great job! HURRAY!

I've uploaded some videos of my cousin's performance for you. Check them out. I realise that he's a good actor too, so steady on stage. Apologies for the audience's conversations! :(

There are many things we do in life which requires passion and love. It's true, people struggle between their passion and work. We have to give it up eventually in exchange for a steady income, a so-called 'better future'. Humans become living robots.

I do not wish to give up my passion too-- hosting, acting, blogging, singing. What's stopping me?

HUAT AH, $$$$$$ come.

You know, without the the many of you who endlessly shower me with love and support, I couldn't have sustain until now. THANK YOU.

Thanks for accompanying me to watch the concert, zir!

Here's mom, Aunt Karen, Ben and Aunt Karen's sister.

My reward for cousie Ben, a lollipop. :p



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