Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine s Day 2012

First of, my blog is growing cobwebs I know. My netbook is down!!! Think the wireless adapter broke or something. I was hoping to publish my reviews this week and share some good stuff with everyone!

What I can only do now is use my iPhone to blog. AT LEAST that's SOMETHING.

Oh yes, as I'm typing mandarin, Here's a shoutout that there's a mandarin speaking contest going on online. Stand a chance to win $1000 cash prize and an iPad! For more information, please visit

I had a really special Valentine's Day this year for I celebrated with a group of friends: Silver Zir, her mama, Hagen, Edwin, Angeline and Jackie Goh! We had dinner together at De'Beer Garden at D'Kranji Farm. It was certainly one of the most meaningful Valentine's day I've celebrated so far.

The next day, I went for high-tea at Tea Cosy(plaza Singapura) with Amanda Darling, Candy and Della. My first time having girly high-tea sessions ever!

You know what, I like it!

Tea Cosy had the girliest little things one could lay their hands on, affordable set lunch meals for $15.95+ and High Tea set for Two for $29.95.

We ordered both and ate to our hearts' content. *burp*

Also, i'm really blessed to still be receiving post birthday gifts from BFFs as well as surprise Valentine's Day Pressies!

Okay, I'm uploading the photos from my iPhone and honestly speaking, I've NO idea at all how to write captions along with the photos I'm going to post. The photos are below right my page and I'm totally helpless about it. Can't seem to arrange the photos in th sequence i want to as well. -_______-"

Took a printscreen to show u what I meant.

I'll update the captions with the names of those who gave me the pressies when my netbook is working again. Thank you LOVES!

Valentine's Day, and love's in the air!

Blessed be.


Rocher wand From William

Hearts wand From Jackie Goh

Handmade cookies from Xiao Razer Meimei.

JVC earphones from Christine Sister & his hubby, Ryan. 
A post birthday gift.

New design, Stitch in Penguin suit from BDD Amanda.

Girly High tea session at Tea Cosy, Plaza Singapura level 5

Birthday gift: multi ear plug and purse from Hpility & William.

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  1. vey nice and sweet gifts... I like the little bear, always so pure and happy with so much LOVE