Thursday, February 2, 2012

[Review ]Viral Factor with SofLens(R) Daily Disposable

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This movie is about a very complex relationship between 2 brothers and a bio-war, simplified.

Two biological brothers were separated from each other since very young. The younger brother(Jon) played by Jay Chou, stayed in China with his mum and grew up to work as an IDC agent. The other, the elder brother(Yeung) played by Nicholas Tse, grew up in Malaysia with his dad and turned out to be one of Malaysia's most wanted bandit.

After more than 2 decades apart, they met.

Of course they didn't know they were brothers at first. The kinship was only gradually discovered as the story goes on with both of them trying to kill each other until their kindship was discovered. Having said that, will you trust a thief when you're cop, even though he's your biological brother?

At the same time, these two brothers were betrayed by the same organisation and end up stranded in between a bio-war which they have to save.

Sometimes, being a bad guy doesn't mean you'll always do the wrong things.

How ethical are you?
It's complicated, isn't it?

Tensing, thrilling yet heartwarming, I love this story.

Compliment to Jay Chou: I saw your effort put in to learning English! Very inspired to keep learning, like you.

This movie was watched with SofLens(R) Daily Disposable.

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