Wednesday, October 19, 2011

REDUX: Project Green Room By Heineken


The Heineken Green Room 

 A room at 15 Stadium Link is constantly striving to discover, and create the latest sounds and music experiences. In a place like this, the essence of music is re-engineered and fuses machine and man, music and soul together in a new life with a new sound. Heineken Green Room events have featured the likes of Thievery Corporation, Peter Kruder, Moderat, Gaslamp Killer, Caribou and Nosaj Thing, running since 2002.

 A by-invite only event, Heineken Green Room members are invited to join as test subjects in their launch experiment to create the future of music, with their most revered prototypes:

Jamie Woon & Ikonika in the house!

DJ Ikonika

How do you express yourself freely in just beats & patterns of music?
Here, Ikonika is a genius!

With her brilliant debut release 'Please', Ikonika firmly established her place in the Dubstep landscape. As an in-demand DJ, her sets showcase the constantly mutating underground sounds of the UK, spanning from the freshest Dubstep and Funky dubplates to the classic foundations of House and Garage.

Doesn't matter that this DJ is a girl; she blew me away with her remixes. 
They say girls are more sensitive creatures on earth. 
I believe so.

Can you FEEL her?


 Love this most!


This is so unlike those electronic music I've heard. Her music is so upbeat, groovy that you'd want to move your body. I feel myself being sucked into her world, clicking on her YouTube links one after another.

Just make me wanna dance & sway myself away, yo ah yo, yo ah yo...

This informative website about Project Green Room is one of the COOLEST!
You have to be above 18years of age to log in.

Left me breatheless.

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