Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Review + Free Gift] Halal-certified Ultimate Colla-gen Drink From Korea

I was at Sarang Restaurant, located on the 7th storey of Orchard Central. Sarang restaurant serves authentic korean cuisine. Cuisine aside, I was there for another reason.


It was a day to witness the launch of a brand new product from Korea....

Ultimate Colla-gen,
brought to you by NewScience Laboratories.


People out there, women especially, are crazy over collagen.
You know what keeps you young-looking?

It's Collagen.

As we age, collagen levels in us will start to drop at about 1.25% per annum. Which means by the age of 45, the collagen levels in our bodies will have reduced by up to 30%.

Picture this:
your cell lose its structure and start to sag due to lack of internal support, contributing to those fish lines!


This HALAL-certified collagen drink has one of the smallest molecular collagen size enabling ease of absorption. Ultimate Colla-gen contains the key active ingredient of Nano-molecular collagen, a type of collagen which is 50% smaller in size than normal collagen found in products available in the market.

The product is also GMP-certified.
GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice; according to the stringent korean-GMP regulations of health supplements. GMPs emsure that proper controls are in place for dietary supplements so that they are processed in a consistent quality manner.


Ultimate Colla-gen Product
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

Each sachet of Ultimate Colla-gen contains nano collagen and other multi nutrients like Acai Berry extract, Glucosamine, Vitamin C, Chrondritin etc in optimum mixtures of 7 multi nutrients in one sachet per information.

The calorie count per sachet is only 38kcal.



It taste wayyyyyy MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the other collagen drink I tried; contains REAL BLUEBERRY EXTRACT; light and refreshing.


Standard consumption:
  1. Mix one sachet into a 200ml glass of water/juice.
  2. Stir well.
  3. Drink.

Unusual but can-be-done consumption:

Drink it in a shot, like tequila.
*Shot glass recommended*

The stability of the drink has been proven to be very stable under various temperature conditions. Even at a temperature of 120 degree celcius, the amount of the proteins in the collagen remains at more than 95%!

Which means....

You can pour a sachet of collagen whilst cooking your soup and make Collagen Chicken Soup!
Or you can make Collagen Agar Agar and invite people over for Hi-Tea!


This is collagen brand XXX (white) which I tried.
It taste like detergent, fish oil, really diluted.
*Yuck with a troll face*


Brand XXX VERSUS Ultimate Colla-gen;
Ultimate Colla-gen win hands down.



Miss Brigid Ann Loh is the Director of NewScience, a wholly owned subsidiary of New Eastern(1971) Pte Ltd, whose main business is chemical raw materials and food commodity trade for the past 41 year.

I'm taking this personal--- I heart her. *grins*
She is so geniune and sincere.

Thank you for sharing so much information with us!


And look what Miss Brigid got for us all.
Bags of Ultimate Colla-gen wrapped in Burberry & YSL scarves from Japan!!!

My sister and I squealed at the goodie bags.
It was ultimate thrilled!



Here's what Sis and I chose, Arigato Gozaimasu~!



There are 2 formulations available for Ultimate Colla-gen.

Ultimate Colla-gen Plus(PINK) is suitable for individuals in their 20s till late 40s, nurtures skin, hair and nails.
Pink Box Front
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories
Pink Box Back
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories
Pink Front and Back
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

The Ultimate Colla-gen Gold is suitable for individuals in their golden years, nurtures joints, bones and skins. Friends with weak bones and joints can drink this too. The Gold series contains glucosamine.
Blue Box Front
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories
Blue Box Back
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

Blue Front and Back
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

Blue Close up
photo credits: NewScience Laboratories

1 box = 30 sachets = 1 month supply = S$88.

Ultimate Colla-gen can be purchased from Nishino Pharmacy Outlets, Pharmex Healthcare outlets from May 2012 onwards; Robinsons Centrepoint from June 2012 onwards.

Nishino Pharmacy Outlets: Shaw House, Liang Court, Takashimaya.
Robinsons: Centrepoint
Pharmex Healthcare: Kembangan Plaza(tel: 6841 0636), Blk 4 Kaki Bukit(Tel: 6841 7494)


Giveaway = FREE GIFT
So many people still don't understand this term, why huh?
I'm sending you TWO sachets of Ultimate Colla-gen Gold to 5 LUCKY YOUs who plan to share this blog post on your facebook/twitter. Have a try before deciding to buy the entire box.



The Ultimate Colla-gen GOLD sachets are waiting for you, wohoooo~!

Come, let's become pretty pretty together !
Pretty skin. :)





  1. I bought a box at Nishino its on 20% off for Mastercard - you are right it tastes so yummy.

  2. is this a Singapore or korea product? is it sold in korea?