Friday, June 1, 2012

[Great Singapore Sale] Shopping Therapy With Hankook Cosmetics for my Pimple Outbreak!

I'm trying means and ways to get rid of my recent pimple breakout.

I'm really uncertain who the culprit is: those late night sleeps, the hot piping fries for supper, the thick make-up for my filming, a skincare product series(anti-acne) from Mustafa or whether it's my menses...

Whatever it is, I must get rid of these annoying pimples!!!


And GSS season came at the Best. Timing. Ever!


Great Singapore Sale!

When: 1st - 30th June 2012
Discounts: between 30% to 85%
Ups: NEW products & this time round, FASHION is included!
Secret: Sudden slashes(up to 90%) on Hankook Cosmetics products in limited quantities

Plus, plus, plus,
In ADDITION to these GSS promotions you're entitled to, 
you'll be given an additional 30% if you login to the website using username and password: HANKOOKC

Take note that the price reflected ONCE YOU LOGIN is the 30% discounted price.

Shop more & more, 
Pay less, lesser, least!


Check out what these exclusive offers are:


The moment I received this promotion in my newsletter, I immediately ordered 2 sets:

Click on image to view product details.

The Merdel series gift set can be used up to 9 months. 
Toner + moisturiser + travel pack + merdel cream.

I finished my first Merdel set 2 weeks ago since February 2012; 
3 of us, Sis, Mum and I are sharing them. 

While waiting, Sis bought a set of skincare products from Mustafa to try. The next few days, all my pimples came popping out like mad -- FREE gifts for GSS? Major Noooo please!

==== side track ====

Just as I'm typing this post, my Hankook Cosmetics package arrived! 



==== LOVE Has Arrived ====

The original price of the Merdel Gift Set is S$190.
Special price limited to 6 sets: S$114.

Additional 30% discount after login: S$79.80.
How can don't buy you tell me.
I just stocked up for at least 1 year!


Usually, I can only get a set.
Right now, I can buy 2 sets and there's still change enough for me to go for a KTV session with Zir!

If you're buying anything from Hankook Cosmetics, must remember to login with username and password: HankookC!

Have you signed up to their newsletter to receive first-hand updates on these sudden slashes yet?
Some of these offers are really crazy, up to mad 90% slashes!

Subscribe to Hankook Cosmetics newsletter here if you haven't.

The basic OSSION mild touch series for daily cleansing, make up removing & soft scrub. Read my review here. Discounts are between 35% to 50%. The cold base opening enhancer is a make -up primer,  I'm finishing my bottle. Maybe I should order another bottle... *grins*

click on image to view product details.


The time curator series are having -30% discounts too, read my past review about how it has helped my mom here.



My aunt Angeline is so in love with this BB cream.

She loves how her facial complexion looks flawless when she applied it, no sticky feel & how it doesn't clog up pores! The moment she saw this she said,"Order 1 for me please. NOW."

The BB cream is having a 50% dicount and it's giving away a FREE BB stick(retail size)
Log in with username & password: HankookC for additional 30% discount.

Click on image to view BB cream details.



The reviews of these BRAND NEW products, the snail mask & venom exfoliating pouch, are coming up next! I'm using the snail extract masks to treat my pimples currently, together with the legendary Mopiko.

Yes, M-O-P-I-K-O.
the cream which you use to relief your mosquito bites.
It works miraculously!

Read up about the snail & snake masks on hankook's website first while waiting for the review. They are super hot selling in Japan and Korea now!

Click on the image

-- insert -- peeling_sheet_-_pdt_image
Click on the image

Hankook Cosmetics are introducing fashion items for both men and women too!





Last but not least, you won't want to miss the Hankook Cosmetics Magic Wand out!

This magic wand is creating this cyber-hype on twitter after beauty bloggers Joyce.Forensia, Dblchin, Fennimisu, TsurikiSilver have used them for their very first time! They've posted their photos on twitter, search for Hashtag #HankookC or Hankook Magic wand.

-- INSERT - Magic_Wand_[Pre-Launch]_Pdt_Image_GIF

Read my magic wand review here.  My face got slimmer, eyebags removed, pores became smaller & facial features enhanced! It's like doing a real-life photoshop with this baby.

I bought the white one.

This GSS, check out Hankook Cosmetics facebook page and find out how you can win ONE carton of hankook Cosmetics Products worth S$1200!


Visit today.

Shopping therapy, here I come!

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