Monday, June 18, 2012

The Pulau Ubin Reccee Almost Broke My Bones!

The Perfect song for this post, it's titled: I LOVE SUMMER!

Daiyu (Lao EE) and I went on a site reccee trip in Pulau Ubin last week!
We're planning an outing with the rest of our poly-mates whom I've not met for years.

Pulau Ubin sounds like fun since I've never been there.


Brunch was Tiong Bahru chicken rice located in Changi Village, just opposite Changi Point Ferry Terminal, before we set off to the off-shore part of Singapore; ordinary.

It's going to be my first-remembered visit to Pulau Ubin Island.

I heard from Mum that I've been there once, when I was still a toddler which I recall nothing of it. It's sad how as you grow older, memories of the past becomes so blurry & vague. Even looking at photographs, you try to recall how you even get there and what you have been doing the whole time you weren't captured on the photographs.

Eh Lao EE, what's this look?

The bumboat ride to Pulau Ubin cost S$2.50 for a one -way trip. It is strongly recommended to pay the exact amount. There's no exact schedule for the boat to leave the jetty. Once there are 12 passengers, the boat will leave for the island.




Pulau Ubin is just about 5 minutes away!


Bicycle rides are a must!
Rent a bicycle at a flat rate of between S$6-S$10 until about 6pm!

Daiyu chose a mountain bike while mine was one with a basket right in front.



Conclusion: Get a mountain bike. You'll find it easier to ride up the slopes at Gear 1 or 2.
Mine didn't come with any gears so it gets tougher cycling up the slopes! I had to push my ride up instead.


The toilets at Pulau Ubin are so clean and comes with plenty of toilet paper!
Caution: Make sure the flush is working before you do your big business.

There are no shower zones in the public toilets though.




 Daiyu and I visited a total of 3 campsites within 2 hours.

Mamam Campsite took us about 30minutes to cycle up from the Jetty. There's nothing there except the beach & a drink stall not far off from a local resident's house.

There are new-born wild boars there, kept in the front yard of the house.

The Noordin Campsite is also about 30minutes away from the Jetty if you're cycling.  This campsite is also pretty empty except that the NPCC camp is located next to it.


The Jelutong campsite is a 5 to 10-minute WALK from the Jetty. It's overlooking some Kelongs and the only place you may hold a campfire with your friends. Since it's only a short distance walk to the Jetty, you can find seafood restaurants and provision shops nearby.  The food is only a slight margin cheaper than those zhi char stalls you find back in mainland Singapore. Drinks and titbits cost the same. S$1.50 for can drinks etc. 

You'll find more people at Jelutong Campsite. They'll be walking around, taking photos. If you want to spend  private time with your friends, you'll want to consider Mamam or Noordin campsite instead.

Oh yes by the way, Jelutong Campsite is the only area I can still receive local 3G services, thank god I can still path and use facebook, the other 2 campsites I've been to gave me Malaysian telecommunication signals.

Here they are, photos taken at the Jelutong Campsite:





Before we left Pulau Ubin, we went up to the temple to pray and drink session near the jetty.





I love how layback this place is, the serenity.
Maybe we should play running man on the island!


One more tip: If you wish for less mosquito bites, keep cycling!





What a great workout, 2 hours of non-stop cycling and happiness time spent with Daiyu. He keeps telling my lame jokes which make me laugh and almost make me fall from my bicycle. Thanks for making me laugh so much.

It's been awhile I've worked out this much, I feel all my joints detached from my bones! The signs of aging. However after this episode, it reminds me of how much love I have for the sunshine, the outdoors & sports. I still do.

Yes, I'm THIS kind of girl: block catching with neighbours, blind mice at the playground, overnight fishing with family, mangrove trails in the mornings!

Bye Pulau Ubin, I'll be BACK!


Daiyu and I stayed in Changi Village for dinner with my Sister and Jackie. This Honeydew Milk drink from The Supperclub is so loved!


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