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[Sponsored + Giveaway] Save OUR Hair, Hair Sciences!

Many of us have been through bad hair days.

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Having beautiful hair brings up your overall physical appearance aesthetically. 

I chance upon this viral picture and thought it's really interesting.

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Seriously, everyone's jealous of Thor's hair because it's so silky. LOL.

The hair growing out on top of our head is so obvious that, whether you like it or not, is probably the first thing we notice of someone from a distance.

Many of us have heard of this name "背多分" (Bei Duo Fen), a term used on someone who looks only(or) more pretty/handsome judging from that person's backview. Having shiny & smooth hair is a major plus point when determining if you're good-looking from your back view, other factors include your figure & dressing.  Here's a classic:

*Pretty Girl Alert*
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Close-up of pretty girl:
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What a Boo-boo.

Knowing that our hair is one of the major importance to look aesthetically attractive, we began the journey of creating styles for our hair dating back to the old times:

The BeeHive look:
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I tried this style last month(still waiting for the photo stored in Laopa's mobile). In order to achieve the pom-ness, you have to back-comb all your inner hair using a sharpcomb to 'fluff' it up. The inside of your hair will be all tangled and messup after that:


The Mohawk:
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Guys, I can just imagine the amount of hairspray required so that your hair stays there.


In the 90s, rebonding was introduced.

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Hair dyeing is no longer restricted to only people with grey hair. Having new hair colours make us physically more attractive. With media influence, it's something so common especially with crazy colours like purple, red, pink, blue introduced, people even bleach their hair to achieve the colours they desire. 

The craziest hair colour I did for my hair had to be turquoise. It was for a hair contest which I blogged about here. The colour was achieved only after continuous bleaching and highlighting for 6 consecutive weeks. My hair colour was a mixture of blue, green, red and purple. It was so beautiful, but the colour eventually faded to grey and I dyed it a deep purple.

However, the chemical components of these hair products: dyeing, bleaching, rebonding & perming, will gradually cause our hair to lose its natural strength and shine. This leads to spilt ends, hair breakage etc. Last year, I wrote a blog post about my hair problems since young: Dry, Brittle, stubborn, rough, unmanageable. It comes with pictures of my hair at different periods of time. Read here.

Quick Fact: The more natural your hair is, the harder it is for you to achieve your hair colour.

I know I'm not alone.
Out there, 9 out of 10 of you are facing the same issues as I do EVERYDAY.

So troublesome! 

Even if you were to shave your head 'botak', your scalp will still be highly visible; Some so bright, they can literally reflect the lights shining on them. Think again if you tell me you don't require treatments now that you're bald.

Your scalp is oily, dull...WE CAN TELL. 

Our hair is the extension of our scalp. One needs to realise that beautiful and healthy hair begins from a healthy scalp. No matter what hair style and colour you sport, a healthy scalp is essential for better looking hair.

Little did I know that my hair problem was more than just the look of it.  My hair scalp is badly infected!


My. Scalp. Is. The. Major. Problem.

No wonder it hurts SO MUCH everytime I'm getting my hair done! It's the 'No Pain No Gain' theory which urge me on all this while. I thought it's natural that:

  •  my scalp to feel burning and hot since there are chemicals, 
  • the itchiness will go away if I continue to use those anti-dandruff shampoos. 
  • The tangled-hair-sharp-pain during the pull of my hair-straightening process is deemed as normal too since my first saloon visits.
You'll be seeing the condition of my scalp in just a while. Read on.

I'm currently going through my 4th protein and scalp treatment with Hair Sciences. Over the weeks, they've helped to make the right choice and advice on the right formula for my scalp, thus helping me achieve a healthier hair and scalp at a much afforadable price.


I was introduced my hair Saviour, the outlet manager of  Hair Sciences , Miss Iris Siah.


Iris gave me a hair consultation during my first visit. It generally looks okay to me except that it's a little dry.




At Hair Sciences, they help you make the right choices and advice you the right formula for your scalp and hair, thus helping you achieve the healthy hair and scalp you desire with their customised treatments used to treat the individual needs and problems. Their consultants are also the same people who will be treating your hair. I feel more at ease this way rather than some companies who engage the advisers and the therapists separately.

Here's what I understood about my hair after Iris' consultation.




I am suffering from a slight hair loss at my front hairline. Instead of this:

images (1)
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My front hairline looks like this. Notice the jagged hair line:




No 2.
The ends are very dry and brittle.


No 3.
My scalp is red, sensitive & it's covered with dry skin (dandruff). The redness is visible and you can spot some dandruff.


Here are the microscopic photos taken of my scalp on the same day. You'll know why I said my scalp has a major problem.

==== You might feel itchy and uneasy looking at this ====
.....3 strand per pore = normal hair strands.
===== Gross Pictures Alert ======
..... My scalp are so damaged that the skin around the pores have turned yellow.
.....Red and painful. :(
.....There's a layer of dry skin, like cobwebs, forming around my strands of hair.
..... 1
Such things happen when there are constant chemical reactions on the scalp.
Ultimate gross.

IRIS, please save my hair & scalp!

The initial plan was for me to start my hair growth treatments with LED. However due to my badly damaged scalp, Iris decided to give me scalp treatments first.

For my damage scalp, I'm doing the customized Scalp Treatment

This treatment is specially formulated to treat all scalp problems such as dandruff, alopecia, ringworm, etc. This unique formula can penetrate into the layers of your scalp and heal the infected area and restore it back to its original state.

·       --Nourish and heal damage scalp
·       --Unclog all impurities on the scalp to stimulate hair growth
·       --Maintenance of a healthy scalp 

Before every treatment, the consultant will give you a hair wash. Iris is very gentle. She ensures that she does not scratch my scalp further to worsen the damage.



More hair gone. Bye Bye.

The interior of the Jurong East Central branch:

After my hair wash, the Scalp treatment and the protein treatment are done at the same time.

For my dry ends, I'm given the Hair Protein Treatment.

Every strand of hair is carefully brush and massage using their specially formulated hair protein treatment which heal, strengthen and nourish all damage hair. 

·      - -Restore the viability of damage hair
·       --Increase the shine, volume and elasticity of the hair
·       --Revitalize the radiance of the hair
·       --Heals all excessive chemical damage of the hair



Iris applying the scalp treatment:

In fact, the key part of hair protein treatments isn't the steaming nor the brand of the product applied but HOW the consultant, or your hair stylist, MASSAGE the proteins into your strands of hair such that the content penetrates deeply into every single strand, making it smooth and silky again. This action is difficult to do on your own.

Iris knows exactly how.
She has to constantly rub the content bit by bit until the portion feels smooth before she moves to the next. You have to be extremely patient.


The hair-massaging process takes about roughly 30minutes. The hair is then ready to be 'smoked'. I won't say steam because the mist coming out from the machine is cooling, not hot.





My hair was washed for a 2nd time before blow-dried.
The whole treatment process takes about 1 and a half hours.


No further products were used but the silkiness of the hair is already so visible, see for yourself!
I can't stop touching it for the next few days.






We went for another scan right after and notice my scalp has already got so much better!

The hair still feels smooth after a week.



I'm totally amazed. My scalp no longer feels painful when Iris washes and blow-dry my hair for me on my consecutive visits!

It still feels itchy though.
I know it'll heal.

In a few weeks time, I'm going to start my Hair restoration treatment.

This uniquely formulated treatment uses a combination of the most advanced technology and Asian premium plant extracts “Pureria Mirifica” also known as “The Miracle Root” that stimulate the growth and color of your hair follicles. This miracle plant helps darkens grey hair and stimulates hair growth.


Previously when I blogged about Hankook Cosmetics, I read up about this plant as well. It's often used for skincare, cosmetics and hair products.

Other benefits of the Pueraria Mirifica include:
- serves as ''fountain of youth''
- increases energy levels and vigor
- better blood circulation
- diminues sleep problems
- it will help your skin to look smoother and younger

·       Stimulate hair growth and treat all problematic hair problems
·       Strengthen the hair natural ability
·       Thicken the hair follicles and build up its immunity. 


The hair restoration treatement comes with a Meridian Head & Shoulder massage (acupuncture) to help further stimulate the growth. Super SHIOK & relaxing after 10 minutes!


I'm falling asleep. Look at my dreamy eyes.

Since I can't start my hair growth treatment yet, I'll be using their hair growth essence first. I was taught how to apply the product at home myself.


The essence comes in a male and female version.

Premium Home Care Products:
Combining the advance western technology with Asian premium plant extracts to create this top quality home care series that works for both men and women with no side effects, no hormones and no harsh chemical substances.

The treatment and product are developed by Hair Sciences R&D consultant, DR. I. SANDFORD SCHWARTZ, also known as "Dr. Sandy" who has dedicated his time to studying the Pureria Mirifica for the past 9 years. 

Benefits of Hair Sciences products:
  • ·       Effectively helps reduce excessive hair loss, preventing male and female pattern baldness
  • ·       Stimulates new hair growth
  • ·       Promotes healthy hair roots and scalp
  • ·       Promotes thicker, fuller, healthier hair
  • ·       Restores weak hair to luxurious full life
  • ·       Restores and maintains healthy and shiny hair
  • ·       Prevents premature graying hair


Treatments provided:
Scalp Therapy
Dandruff Treatment
Hair Restoration Treatment
Hair Reverse Ageing Treatment
Pre-post Natal Hair Restoration Treatment
Alopecia Hair Restoration Treatment
Herbal Hair Color Treatment
Hair Color Restoration Treatment
Anti Stress & Detox Therapy

Those with greying hair, Hair Sciences can help you too!

==== MintLeong.Sg Giveaway! ====

10 FRIENDS who are reading this will be able to experience a hair transformation with Hair Sciences today.

This is not a trial but a FREE session, the one I've gone through!
Yes, to thank you especially for your support of my blog. 

Receive a COMPLIMENTARY Customized Scalp + Hair Care Treatment + Meridian Points Head and Shoulder Massage + Hair & Scalp Analysis worth S$360. 

Terms & Conditions:
·        Valid till 31st August 2012
·        Valid for Singapore NRIC/PR/EP holders only
·        Valid for female & Male customers aged 23 years and above, and strictly by appointment only
·        Customer has to arrive 30min before appointment time for the complimentary hair & scalp analysis.
·        Call 6100 1698 for appointment.
·        Quote “Mint Leong Blog” for appointment
·        Strictly limited to one redemption per customer only
·        Not valid with any other discount (card, voucher or promotion)
·        Non-exchangeable for cash, products or services not stated on the voucher itself
·        Hair Sciences Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice

*PST* You'll get a super exclusive discount if you purchase their other services. My 2 other friends have already been there and they were totally blown away by the discount. :D

Call and make your appointment. 
Remember, this giveaway is only open to TEN of you.

Hair Sciences is located in Orchard and Jurong East Central: 

Orchard Branch
220 Orchard Road,
#02-02 Midpoint Orchard,
Singapore 238852
Tel: (65) 6733 4766
Jurong Branch
Blk 131 Jurong Gateway
Singapore 600131
Tel: (65) 6896 1167

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11am to 9pm
Sat, Sun & PHs: 11am to 7pm


Click on the image to visit Hair Sciences.

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