Sunday, September 27, 2009

negative*negative = Positive

I believe my life story is a slow and agonised process.
I even more strongly believed that my life was not led in the normal way
compared to those who are more fortunate around me.

what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.
And here I am,
standing tall and proud that i've made it this far.

my twin, chrissy, ever told me;
perhaps it's because there are too much negative things that has happened on me,
hence i became a so much more positive thinking person.
You would never believe how much gratitude i held in me.

I am working towards a dream of mine;
A pinch of luck was added to get to meet new wonderful cum helpful friends.
It's really the sincerity these people have in them that makes the world so wonderful!

Thank you Evan, Wen Wei, WeiDa,Rayden and Chrissy for these support all these while.

Uncle jeffery commented that i really need to brush up on my golf skills.
(that's of course! I've skipped 2 full weeks of golf!)
I am strongly recommended to practise my perpetual swing at home,
I hope i don't look weird with the golf club in my hands,
I pray harder not to break anything with that club!

I just came back from Kembangan,
and recorded a few of my songs.
The excitement in me;
you will never be able to make a full picture out of this.
I simply look forward to the 2nd, and 3rd and 4th and the unlimited...

you're working well.
now, you've to work harder.

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