Monday, September 28, 2009

That Semi-D I saw

Call me materialistic,
i don't care because...

I really really really really really really
want to stay in a place like this in the near future!
I want a really comfortable, condusive, yearning and luxurious home;
looking forward to go home should be something my future hubby has in his mind

Snooker table, Mini Wine Lounge, a Mini home-set movie and KTV theatre,
for our friends and family to come and party.

Exclusive Playroom for my children and I-
drawing boards, paints, toys, games, posters, colouring books, alphabet mats...

A cosy corner on the balcony with suspending seats- facing a serene green meadow;
where i can read, get a tan or simply to have a starlit candlelit dinner with my hubby
on our anniversary.

Bedrooms with huge fluffy beds,
dark yet bright enough to mark out the baroque-style prints on the walls.
the orangy-lit room should make someone feel lazy and sleepy enough
the moment you step into it....

The study room- bright and sunny,
full glass panel to peer out onto the greens for an eye relaxation 'spa',
squarish and white, like that of a director's office with a big antique couch
for a final touch- so that i can read there when the balcony gets too hot to hang out.

with a fridge stuffed with food you can eat a lifetime.
Ovens for baking,
Stove that lingers the 'apple flavour' detergent smell hours after wash.
Pots, pans, woks of all sizes to cook and play around with.

Last but not least,
a big, black, classic massage chair- credits for my hubby after a hard day's work.
Sumptous dinner cooked by his love and
a light, yet passionate kiss on his forehead after bath,
appreciating his hard work and thanking him for all that he'd done for his wife and family.

Of course, the massage chair is for my hardwork too!
I'll be out fighting for my career like a man... hehe

this is life; my way of enjoyment.
A home, filled with love, education, cosiness and not to forget,
a pinch of family warmth as garnish.

My idea of a perfect home
Thought that i'll soon reach there with someone.
Now the dream seems so far away...

It's okay,
everything can still be made do with,
without a 'hubby' in the picture.
Or i guess i can. :)


Went to view this semi-d house last Saturday with uncle and his family.
4levels + a basement.
One word to describe my thoughts - MOuthwatering.

Even the basement looks so tempting to stay in!

Here is the 2nd level!

And 3rd with 2 rooms and a common bathroom.

Finally the 4th, my favourite...
comes with a personal toilet of my own.
It's a room ALL by itself.
And an full balcony too!

I want a house like this!!!! !!!!
Sunday met up with the Mmz for a meeting.
Everything turns out really well-
to my expectations and prediction,
except it's overly time-consuming.
Anan and JOey bought push pops for themselves.
And take a look at where Anan put his pushpop!

in hokkien,
we call this "Dong Buay Tiao".

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