Monday, September 14, 2009


BEDS is always full of surprises.
You wouldn't know who would drop by. =p
I really enjoy my time working there.

BEDS is a KTV pub,
situated along Mohd Sultan Road,
right opposite the famous BAK KUT TEH coffeeshop.

If you're looking for surprises,
a place to chill with good friends,
wide range of drinks,
sing KTV or even to appreciate angelic vocals,
go to BEDS.
Most people who go there can really sing!

BEDS Happy Hour(HH) Timing:
Monday-Saturday: 6pm-9pm.
Sunday: ALL night + free pool.

1jug of beer: NP$26, HH$18.
1 barrel of beer: NP$74, HH$54
Martell: NP$182, HH$162.

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