Friday, September 11, 2009

I choose....

Life is never a bed of roses.
Yet, Life isn't all a pail of Shit.
God is fair enough.
You'll get a little of each so that you can differentiate when's good, and vice versa.

When you walk your path of life,
you're given something known as free-will.
Free-will comes F.O.C. from the day you're born.
The term tells it all- ---> F.R.E.E.
Free-willingness allows one to choose,
which perspective to look upon your life,
and which road to take towards the end.

Guess I have chosen my path,
which i think i've chosen it relatively logically:
To remember my past,
to appreciate my present,
and to aim for a better future.

I remembered someone told me this before,
"What's not yours, is not yours, yet.
Silly girl, you'll never be able to know the result until the end."
I totally agree with what he said.

One day,
all my hard work is going to pay off
when i reach my 'better future'.


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