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Nokia OVI Application Wizard aids in global awareness for your website & blogs!

Are you:

A blog shop owner?
Troubled over where to publicize your website for your company?
A blogger?

Then you should read this post because I'm going to teach you in this post how to increase your traffic flow globally and conveniently!

Are you:

A blog reader who owns a Nokia Phone?

Then you should also read this post because you can access via your NOKIA phone to read blogs and websites at the tip of your fingers.

Are you:

A blog reader?
(Love you!)

All the more you should read this post because I'm going to tell u how much fun I had at the Nuffnang-Ovi Nokia Blogger workshop!

First of all, credits to for the invitation!

I was invited to *BEIJING for the Nokia Ovi Workshop with 49 other bloggers.

*Beijing is actually the name of one of the rooms at Knowledge Connection, E-Life Singapore Suntec City

I just had to blog about the food first because it's one of the best buffet I had this year!
Super delicious!

Save your droolings for the last because there are more than just the best food around.


As you walk into the room,
there's a mysterious box at every empty seat labeled "NOKIA".

Open it up and you'll find a computer mouse for all of us who's attending the workshop!


I wanted to be really kiasu, yet not to make it too obvious.
So I humbly chose a seat in the FIRST-Second row!

Perfect view!

Best of all, check out my hottest neighbour, Irene, who's sitting next to me.
If you know her, you're so going to be so loving her laughter.

William and HP came later.
They took the seats in the first row.
I had wanted to stomp their seats during the workshop like a primary school kid but they were too far away from me- at least 3 seats away- too bad for me.

===The Ice-breaker game===

The thing I love about bloggers is that they are really sociable, and they participate actively in games and activities! They made it so fun with them even if it's really a very simple game.

We were supposed to draw ourselves on a piece of paper, then these papers were randomly mixed around. We will then get a paper drawn by someone else. The catch is to go around to find out who the person drawn in the paper is.

This is what I've drawn about me:

And HP found me in no time!
The moment the game starts, he shouted,"Stand there and don't move!" at me.

William had one of the best drawings I've seen.
The drawing is SOooo WILLIAM!

The piece of paper I got:

Who's Jas?!
And I thought this is Jas:

So wrong.
Eventually the real Jas found me instead.

Without further or do,
let me present to you,

Here's another way how YOU can increase the traffic flow for your website and blog:

The Ovi application wizard is truly awesome because it lets you publish your website from your RSS and Atom feeds into a mobile application. Best of all, thia distribution of your new mobile application will be to millions of consumers globally!

So as long someone owns a NOKIA phone,
that person can access the OVI store on his phone and finds you!
And it's 24/7.

Ovi Store is always opened!

Amazing Technology!

Generally, the set up takes about 10-15 minutes.
We took longer because of we were all sharing the same Wi-Fi access within the building.

Plus point:
Better enhancement of a learning enviornment when your instructor- Elliot-is cute! :)

Look how hardworking we were during the workshop!


A guide through the 6 easy steps of creating your application:

Enter the URL of your web content feed.

Click on 'Preview' and viola:

You'll be able to see the most recent posts flashed on the preview!

Make sure you get the right RSS/Atom feed of your blog.
You wouldn't want to help other people promote their blog on your application.

Customize your application

Upload your pictures and blog description.
This takes the longest because you'll be thinking of what to write in order to promote your blog.

When uploading your application icon, please remember to to upload one that is at least 80 by 80 pixels. Otherwise your application logo will look very blurred. Your picture shouldn't be too big as well too otherwise it'll take really long to be uploaded. And please, choose one that's appealing and looks tasty!


Once you're done with your application logo, upload a logo for your website-like a header.
Drag to your desired combination and click ok!
And remember to set your background colour.

Register an Ovi App Wizard Account to finish.

Just read and follow the instructions accordingly. It's easy.
Just don't click blindly!

Choose a suitable category that best describes your website.

Fill up your publishing information and logo.

note the KEYWORDS for people to search for you especially.

Submit your information to the Ovi Store.

That button is the door to the millions out in the world!

This application even gives you a final review of how your website
is going to look like on a Nokia phone.
Don't hesitate any longer, click "Submit"!

Now all you have to do is to wait for Nokia's approval of your application.

You probably want to do some things like camwhoring or shopping with friends because you probably have to wait about 24 hours for the approved application.

Please don't gong-gong stare at the screen.

This is how MY blog looks like on a Nokia Phone.

No wait... Did I miss out the sixth step?
I DID!!!

Verify your OVI Application wizard account via your email.



Upon approval, users may download your application from NOKIA OVI STORE!
Download mine to check out how it works! :)

And poor Irene is still setting up hers due to poor connectivity.
Go Irene!

If you'll like to change your account information or add a new application, simply sign in to the Ovi Application Wizard Site.

So while waiting for everyone to set up their applications, I went around collecting more photographs with more blogger friends!

This is Vanessa, we met at the Sentosa Spooktacular 2010.

Here's Rachel or Citirella(blogger links), She writes about beauty and lifestyle.

Not to forget my beloved Hpility and William!

The food is so tasty I'm so glad I get to dabao them home.

YOU SEE HP and the food he gets to bring home!
I think he can eat it for 3 days and nights!

I told you it's fun, isn't it?
Try the application yourself.

Log on to
and get started now.

I miss my Nokia 3210,
my very first mobile phone when I was 15 years old. :)

The snake game is totally worthy to remember!

Hello People, my application is ready for download on your Nokia Phone.
Click on the banner below to download now. :)

See you there at the NOKIA OVI STORE! :)

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