Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'll Give It To Someone Special.

Belated Merry Christmas 2010!!!
Look at these lovely Christmas Decorations at the Nuffnang Office!
No. The office doesn't feel like an office at all.
It's so cosy and full of warmth you'll feel you've just stepped into someone's home!

The place was decorated to look like white winter.

I spotted a Mickey Mouse on the christmas tree!
*Wonder if it'll come alive when the clock strikes 12*

BONUS surprise: 2 doggies were there to wish us a merry Xmas too!

There's QQ:

And Scruffy!

I think make that THREE animals.
Reindeer was there to give his Christmas blessings. =p

QQ is sooo tiny!

Scruffy is so good-natured!

Snowflakes, handmade by the girls.
These little details adds on to the 'white winter' feel.

That's not the only surprise.
There's a SKY roof swimming pool at the top!
A great chill out place to be with friends.

Thank you Hpility for bringing Valentine and I to visit Nuffnang office just before Christmas!
My very first visit, and I'll love to have more!

The December Giveaway Winners
Iphone 4 Metal Battery Covers;

Gin Wong
William Tan

I hope you like your Christmas presents from Mint's blog!

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