Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Behind The Scenes Of N.E.Mation! 5

Last Tuesday,
I went behind the scenes of N.E. Mation!5 to check out the working environment, the props and the work process of the 10 finalists who made it to fame.

Just in case you missed the previous blog post of the 10 finalist, here's a recap:

Do You know?
That 5 out of 10 of the groups are from Lower Secondary?

While the rest of you students are hanging out with your BFFs in town, playing Football Manager/L4D2, sleeping in until the late afternoons, tanning at Sentosa and enjoying entertainment and leisure etc, the students of N.E. Mation!5 animation contest were spending most of their time in the dark auditorium, squeezing their brain juice dead and testing their limits of patience to present to you the very best of their creations.

From 9am-10pm daily for 3 weeks,
the NYP auditorium was like their second home.
Divided into 10 compartments, these 10 awesome groups of students were each allocated a space of their own to work on their chosen proposal.

A idea of how ONE of the compartments look like inside:

Not to forget, there were a team of animation professionals from Animagine for guidance.
There is a booth with a row of desktops situated just outside the students' compartments.

As always, Joseph from Animagine is always gracious about sharing the process of animation.

Bloggers went behind-the-scene of N.E.mation! 5

Leading us patiently from one compartment to another, he explained in details from the students' stories, to the creation of their props, to the frame by frame work, last but not least how the students' accomplished their almost-completed video. while the rest of us bloggers are busy snapping pictures away, of course.

(the day we were there, they have 3 more days until their submission deadline)

Bloggers went behind-the-scene of N.E.mation! 5

Bloggers went behind-the-scene of N.E.mation! 5

Picture yourself doing this:

First, you stand in front of a camera to take hundreds of photographs showing yourself walking a distance.
Next, you print out these hundreds of photographs and start cutting them to the right size, one by one.
Thirdly, you make a stand for each of these photos so that they can stand on their own.
Then, you arrange them one after another in a line, like dominos(make sure they do not topple!)
Last but not least, you take a photo of each, one after another, meticulously tipping the first photo after every shot of it.

Do you think you have the patience to do such a time-consuming task?
I don't, seriously lazy.

But these youths of the future Singapore do!
And they made it, step by step.
Look at more props each one of them made. They are beautiful!

Love this oven. Look at the words printed on the buttons.
They are different from those you see and buy.


Specially made flour package. And the cake smells so yummy(it's real!) you just feel you wanna eat it all up! After completing the video of course.

The puppets on the table are HANDMADE by these students from Kent Ridge Secondary School themselves- ALL BOYS TEAM. It's amazing how challenges can push a person's limits to a new breakthrough. Young boys making cotton puppets when I can't even thread a needle although I'm a girl!

The most interesting stuff I came upon are actually the little post-its and paste-its the students wrote all around their space. They are so cute and innovative I can't get my eyes off them! Here are some examples:

Although it's a dark and cold auditorium, the love and warm passion of these animation lovers(the young and younger) filled up the entire place, making this journey a wonderful and enjoyable one to travel to their destinations.

To me, every student is already a winner, although competitions are harsh and cruel where they can choose only one overall winner.

Appreciate their hard work, applaud for their courage to take up such a brain-taxing challenge.

Tears shed,
laughters shared,
love embraced,
passion rage,
and bonds tied.

These group of students have come a long way from where they came from at the start.
You can show your utmost support by casting your votes for them!


'Like' the N.E.Mation!5 facebook here now for the latest updates.
Click on this link to be directed to N.E.Mation! official website for photos, videos and blog updates of the finalists!

Participate in their greatest die-hard fan contest and stand to win weekly prizes and an I-pod touch worth $328!

Don't forget to VOTE for them when you can to show your support!

Okay, after all these blogging I am hungry!!!
A courtesy of 24Sevens Communications, we had a sumptuous dinner at the Naked Fish Shoppe in Grassroot Club next to NYP.

We had corn soup(YUMMY!)

I choose Salmon as my main course.
I can eat 3 more plates of this Salmon I ordered, LOLX.

And dessert...

A dinner is nothing without great company!
I was surrounded with the sweetest blogger friends!

Keith, Sidney Ruben and Trixy

Bloggers went behind-the-scene of N.E.mation! 5

Not to forget my beloved YONGWEI who's sitting next to me before he says i have forgotten about him.

Bloggers went behind-the-scene of N.E.mation! 5

It was my greatest honour to be able to dine with COL Lim Kok Siong, the director of Nexus. He was sitted next to Yongwei, who made us all laugh like mad throughout the entire dinner with his lame knowledge once again. It is unbelievable how fun-loving and approachable COL Lim is despite his position high up as a director.

Let's not forget Diana here from 24Sevens communications. Without her invitation and coordination, I would not have been able to attend this wonderful event!

Most importantly, I would not have been able to win a Canon S95 from the previous blog post I posted about N.E.Mation!5. If you hadn't read about it yet, click here.

Bloggers went behind-the-scene of N.E.mation! 5

Feliza, a new blogger friend I've made at the event, won herself a camera too!
Another pretty babe on my friend list! Yippee!

Thank you for such a wonderful get-together event.
I love it!


  1. Hey hey hun! Congrats again for winning the lovely canon camera! And was good to see you again that night! We should do a little get together ourselves with Trixy and Feliza and maybe have tea or something =) And thanks for the link up! <3

  2. awwwwwww~ what a cute baby~

  3. Hey mint :)

    I'm Rachel from Nokia OVI event last night. Great blog you have. Oh, you are a mini celebrity!! Done so many films.

    And I know Feliza too. Met her over a couple of events and chatting with her on Twitter as well.

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