Thursday, December 6, 2012

Revealing Holly Jean's Sex Tape With The Secret Code: "P.S. I LOVE YOU"

Do you still remember our most whispered-about science topic in Secondary school? If I remembered correctly, it's Secondary 2 Science Chapter... 13 & 14... .... Wuuuu... I'm hearing whispers all over again.

Let me guess, you would have heard about the chapters already and the first thing that you did after getting that new textbook was to peep & start reading that chapter's content. Never have you been so diligent in your studies all your life.

Uh-hmmm... But they never write anything about having SAFE sex.
If I remembered, the chapters only mentioned about the human reproductive system, in a very scientific manner. BORING.

Just last year alone, not even adults would openly touch on this sensitive topic:
S. E. X.  education.

But times have changed.
Now, we are going to openly discuss this topic across social media platforms.

Let's begin with Holly Jean's leaked sex tape...

Holly Jean Sex Tape - Screencap


Oh oh, before I forget, have you chance upon this image which is still viral on facebook?

image source:

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this piece of article.
Should I say the family is super opened, or overly protective of her son?

But it's definitely bizarre.
Of course, let's not go into such details.

With the recent trend of having sex-related content in blogs and youtube videos, like the infamous Alvin Tan and his girlfriend Vivian Lee who started posting erotic photographs and videos of their lovemaking, youths are truly getting bigger exposure to another type of sex education and one that they are definitely more curious to know: the process of lovemaking.

You can't stop them, can you?

Against the backdrop, Durex decided to engage Popular blogger Holly Jean to be part of a “leaked sex tape”, showing her engaging in sexual activities with her ex-lover!

In this video,Holly Jean is captured saying the phrase "P.S. I Love You".

This video was intentionally filmed,  leaked to popular sex-related forums such as Sammyboy and used as a tool to reach out to youths aged between 18 to 25, who spend a large proportion of their time online.

DISCLAIMER: Please only enter these forums only if you are 18 and above and bear the consequences yourself. 

So what is the underlying message of the "leaked sex tape"?

It is to unconventionally expose youths to the "P.S. I Love You" campaign and to deliver the message of practising safe sex with a punch.


"P.S. I Love You" stands for "Play Safe, I Love You". 

Durex Singapore made a daring approach and has launched a campaign targeted at youths, to further raise awareness on and encourage safe sexual behaviour, especially at first sex.

The idea behind the campaign was to trend the code "P.S. I Love You" as an easy reminder for youths to practise safe sex, since many of them find it embarrassing or uncool to talk about safe sex.

In the annual Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, it was noted that Singaporean youths who were still  studying, were 20 times less likely than global youths to use condoms during their first sexual experience. Among 506 Singaporeans surveyed, it was found that two in five Singaporeans (62.5%) did not use condoms the last time they had sex.

It is a worrying sight.

The usually Kiasi Singaporeans are no longer Kaisu and Kaisi. This shows that Singaporean youths need to be positively guided and influenced in sexual education and practices before we start attending more *shotgun marriages.

*Shotgun marriage: a term used on a marriage that is forced or necessitated especially due to pregnancy. 



When you walk into convenience stalls and pharmacies, the condoms are sitting in the most obvious places, right  at the cashier. There are a variety of flavours to choose form. There's bound to be one which is comfortable enough for both you and your partner.

Do you know, it is found that people in Singapore who used a condom at first sex are 2.4 times more likely to be satisfied with their overall sex life - double the global average of 1.2 times? Now you do.


Yes, I was shocked to know that too.

You guys are so fortunate.

Such information was not available and technology wasn't advanced enough for me to read up on these during my teens. Sex education weren't explained in such details like now: How to use a condom, the process of lovemaking etc.

The experience of getting yourself or your partner pregnant with a child when you're not married yet is DEFINITELY NOT a pleasant sight. You will be emotionally, mentally & physically challenged all at the same time. Overnight, you'll find yourself having to make major life decisions which will change your life entirely thereafter.

It's a heavy responsibility.


Protect your partner, yourself & your future generation from the negative consequences of unprotected sex. 


MintLeong.Sg HIDDEN Blog Giveaway

What's more interesting is... here is a hidden blog giveaway if you managed to read up to this point!

I remember condoms as popular birthday presents during my teenage years.
Everyone gave everyone else condoms, so why stop now? :p

I've prepared one of each flavour for you.

No.1 This is NOT a prank.
No.2 The condoms are safe to use. The expiry date is written on the wrapper: Mar 2015.
No.3 You'll receive them in your letter box in an opaque envelope. LOL

Why would they be replica anyway, duh.


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Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, seize this chance to find out the difference & textures of the range. There's no reason for you not to know your most comfortable range now.


Coming Soon: More About "P.S. I Love You" video-making competition & viewing party!

Find out what I did in a hotel room with 1000+ condoms...
*evil grins*


Till then, PS, I LOVE YOU.

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