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[Mint.Music.Lifestyle] My FINAL Visit To The Home Of N.E.mation!8 Top 10 Finalists

I still remember my first experience when I stepped into NYP Lounge 3 weeks ago.
Cold, strange, totally new to the surrounding, full of curiosity and thrill to meet my teams.

The NYP Lounge is the home of the Top 10 N.E.mation! 8 teams; For the next 3 weeks they have to film, edit, draw and complete their animation clips - the production period.


In the wink of an eye, 3 weeks of production will be soon coming to an end.
Everything happened so fast that I wasn't even ready to say goodbye!

It felt like just yesterday when I first met my 2 teams, learning about them and their story for this competition.

Synch narrating their story to me during our 1st meet up:

UnicornsAndRainbows;) sharing with me the idea of their story when we first met:

In a short span of 3 weeks, a few hundred layers of drawings and sketches was completed by Synch alone, and counting.  I was so amazed by the amount of work the teams have done!

Evidence of layers done on Adobe Effects on Elyse's monitor.
Elyse is a member of Synch:

A beautiful painting of a soldier Ching Gje has painted on her tablet.
Ching Gje is a member of UnicornsAndRainbows;) :

I'd like to give thanks to the instructors working behind-the-scenes, making miracles happen.
The sweetest instructor of both my teams.
Everyone, say Hi to Jade :


I would see her running back and forth the students' workspace ( in fact all the other N.E.Mation! 8 instructors too), giving valuable advice, patiently guiding the students, suggest ways to solve difficulties during the making of their clips, encourage them, plan their schedules, tell them jokes and make them laugh, keep the work place in order and most of all, nurture these students into better selves.

I noticed how much the students respected Miss Jade,
willingness to listen and appreciating her help.  They would tell me how much Miss Jade has helped them.

Jade and teams, thank you for allowing me to Kpo around your tents even though everyone was busy rushing out the video. Sorry for all the inconvenience I've caused (if I caused any) to anyone of you. Like making you guys laughed too loud disturbing the other teams, spent too much time with you and end up you guys have to stay back and finished your work, touching all your stuff and make you all pose for my camera….


So for my final visit, I spent some time with each student giving my sincere thanks with a little souvenir I made.

I edited, printed and laminated our 1st group photo together. Then wrote what I really wanted to say to each of them.

My love for Synch:

And love for UnicornsAndRainbows;) :

The students have taught me so much over the past 3 weeks.
Not just about typography and digital animation, but they also remind me of determination, perseverance, teamwork, focus, encouragement, sincerity and forward-learning.

Values I'd forget once in awhile.
Values you find in WINNERS.

I hope you'd give your utmost support to these students during the voting period.

Vote for your favourite animation clip COMING JANUARY 2014 so that they have a chance to win a trip to USA and more prizes!

Here are some little fun facts about each student which I've noticed/found out about them.
I hope I get them right:

Jason from Synch:
- Loves Manga
- Leader of Synch
- Horoscope: Cancer (wuuu... a family-oriented guy) or are you a LEO?

Elyse from Synch:
- Enjoys learning about videography and photography
- the main support behind the team getting everyone together
- She has an instagram account: ElyseAwesome


Sze Yong from Synch:
- his english name is Jeremy (which is not written in his ic)
- In the school's media club
- I notice that he is a giving person who doesn't mind being 'suan' by his friends because ultimately, he knows we all still love him as a friend. He's a friend we can keep for life. :)


Jaren from Synch:
- LOVES manga
- Can DRAW AND SKETCH manga characters so well!
- His interest in manga started in primary school
-the fella who spelt their team name 'Sync' as 'Synch' accidentally; turns out the group name is PERFECTLY UNIQUE. Synch is so much better than Sync in my most honest opinion.


Talking about Jaren's talent, look at him sketch out an image of the team and me!
I've ALWAYS secretly hope that someone will draw me in manga and it came true~

I'm the 2nd character from the right:

I asked if I could help with the tracing of the letters in the drawing since the team is trying to complete their video clip on time:

That's me, sitting next to Jaren and trying not to screw up the drawing :



There, done with the help of Elyse!

As much as I'd like to help with the colouring…
I think I better wait for the finished piece to be scanned and uploaded on my blog.

The girls told me that they are so behind time, I didn't want to interrupt too much of their work time. Here's are some little facts about them too:


Xin Pei from UnicornsAndRainbows;)
- She's so funny and always making everyone laugh!
- She secretly take pictures of thrash bins using her friends' mobile phones and leave it till her friends found out!
- She is the leader of UnicornsAndRainbows;) who insist to include the ;) icon at the end of their team name.


Images of thrash bins she'd take using different friends' mobile photos:

The bear she drew is super adorable now, no longer 'haunted':

Xin Pei really, how did you scar yourself this badly in the toilet???

Yumi from UnicornsAndRainbows;) :
-She's a malay who took up mandarin as her 2nd language
- she listens to music all the time when she work
- At the beginning of the production, she didn't eat and felt giddy a few times.
-She can DANCE really well!


Spotted a family picture of her grandma, her mum and her on her work desk:

Ching Gje from UnicornsAndRainbows;):
-She's one year older than her peers.
- Loves Manga
- The quietest girl in the team.
- Her chinese name is Qing Ru.

Here's something Ching Gje has drawn in her sketchbook:

Trish from UnicornsAndRainbows;) :
- She's from the Philippines
- She has a great laugh!
- She likes to ask questions all the time (in a good way).


She asked if she could have this toy from one of her favourite band and she got it!
Now it's her lucky charm:

On a side note, thanks for the treats girls:

That's it about the the teams and team members!
Help garner more votes for their clips during the voting phrase~

Updates of the voting phrase will be via

UnicornsAndRainbows;) and Synch!!!


N.E.mation! 8 brings to you 'Because You Played A Part'.
So VOTE for them when their works coming January 2014

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